Saturday, March 19, 2011

A day at the lake.

OK, I added a picture of the Lake Cabin!  The lake is off in the distance on some other fellows land.  But he only shoots at folks he doesn't know.  Sept when he's drunk, and claims he don't know no one.

Our younger son Ben arrived tonight.  We had taken two of his kids with us yesterday, so he has the third and youngest grand daughter along with him tonight. They were all tired tonight, and didn't go down to sleep in the strange place too well.  But then that is kids.

Today was another day to battle the DMV over here in Missouri.  I license a pickup truck here at the lake place, but Missouri allows two year license tags, and this is the second time we have purchased since it was new, so that means the truck is four years old.

Again I had to prove insurance, so it was off to the Insurance office first to get the little card.  Then the card had to be taken to the license bureau.  In Missouri the license bureau is privately owned and is political as in a favor of the politician that is currently in office.  The democrats won in this county last fall, so the license bureau is back at the old location from two years ago.  Every state has its idiosyncrasies.  At least there was very few folks in the office, and I had no wait at all.

Personal property taxes are charged by the local county court house, and we had to go there today as well. We declared the jet ski that we traded for last fall.  That tax bill will come before Christmas, but there is a $200 fine for not declaring the property at the court house  in the beginning of the year.  Now those two errands are out of the way.

Otherwise we played around with the grandkids and Loyce took them shopping with her for most of the morning.

This will be a family together type of a weekend!

Retired Rod

The header picture was taken in Arizona, at the Az State University Arboretum and is a portrayal of an early settler's cabin.  You can see the reader boards near the left side of the lean to stable.  But I routinely depict it as our lake cabin here in Missouri.  Many folks have this kind of an opinion about Missouri, and I often play along with it in fun!


  1. It's good to keep a sense of humor when it comes to folks' ideas about the different states. I was born in Kentucky and was called a hillbilly, briarhopper, and other names growing up in Ohio, especially by some of the worst Ohio hillbillies there were. I learned to just laugh about it and act proud of it, so now I am proud to be a Kentucky hillbilly! I haven't lived there much of my life though.

    The cabin picture didn't load after all. I'm sure it is a thing with Live Writer because I miss pictures on most of the blogs. Some show up, but there is always one or two that don't.

  2. I think your new header picture is great. Have fun with all of your family.

  3. Your cabin looks a little 'upscale' for Missouri, Rod - at least that's what I've heard never having visited the state!

    Have a great weekend with your family!

  4. Neat looking place you have. The state of Missouri has changed their rules regarding patronage license bureau offices.They made these changes a few years ago. Recently talked with the director of the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles and he stated the offices are no longer affected by the political party whom gets elected.


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