Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DMV my second home!

It got up over 80 here today, and it felt really nice and warm!!  I thought about me teasing Rick about 80s not being warm, or frying pan hot!  as he put it.  Well it was a nice relief from the 50s, but I see we are headed right back to those 50s mid week!

Today was another day at the DMV for me!  Those of you that have read the blog for several years will remember that we used to trade a few cars over in Missouri, with my son as the owner of the lot.  We wised up and quit it one day when the market handed us our behind!

But last week I had to get out the old skills and try to trade Loyce's old Ford Escape.  It was called a 2005, but we purchased it in the summer of 2004 on an early model revision release.  It was just short of 7 years old.  But it never spent a night outside in its life, and hasn't been driven in the winter for the last 5 years.  It looked almost new.

Since Loyce had declared that she wanted to ride in the motorhome last month when we were coming home, and that wasn't a passing fancy, we needed a Toad!  That would be Towed for my non RV readers.  Now there are many cars that can be towed, but none that we owned.  And I read numerous horror stories about the new Ford Escapes and their transmissions burning up.  So...

We decided that we should join the crowd and purchase the most popular Toad!  A Honda CRV.  It seemed small to me, but at 3,300 pounds, it is what we need to be pulling with the front engine diesel. So after several hours discussing "the deal" I signed the offer, and we now have a CRV in the stable.

Ya, I know we have too many cars, and I don't seem to be getting rid of any of them, but at least this was a trade, and didn't increase the count.  But in Saturday's mail we got the MCO.  The manufactures certificate of origin.

Now here in Kansas, that means that we have to go pay the sales taxes and the license fees over at our DMV.  And we all know how I like them!!  And true to form, when I got there, I had to wait about 20 minutes to get to a window.  At the window, I learned that the dealership hadn't included Loyce's name on the back of the form, which caused time bombs to go off and the sky began to fall!

They printed several forms that needed to be filled out and signed by Loyce, who of course didn't come with me.  So I had the pleasure of driving back home and having her sign everything.  Once I returned, I didn't have to wait in line again!  They had put my ticket number on hold, which allowed me to jump to the front of the line, which was much longer by now.

Once I had disposed of all that dirty old money, I didn't even have new tags.  The dealership had transferred the plates when we picked up the car last week.  I guess we did have a new registration to put in the glove compartment, and a promise that the state would mail the title in 6 weeks!

The rest of the afternoon was spent over at the Toyota dealership, but I will explain that tomorrow as this is way longer than usual already.

Retired Rod


  1. Dealing with the DMV was so pleasant in North Carolina, and I know I will never again have it so good. I'll have to say South Dakota is probably simpler because many things can be done by mail or by a proxy

  2. Good luck with the CRV, I hope you never get CRS like I have. You will probably like the Honda, all the people I know that own them swear by them even my Brother in Law.I guess me and Donna are just buy American people, I own the Chev Duramax and she drives the Ford Escape.Nothing wroung with buying the Honda they keep a lot of people in Ohio working. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. After a readin' yer blog fer the first time today, I follered most of it, but I.M. curious as to too what you did with that behind you got handed to you a couple of years ago. Guess it are just gonna have to be one of lifes big misteries fer now.

  4. I thought the toad of choice these days was a Jeep!

  5. I love the Honda CRV - great choice. I've seen a lot of them here at the Sands this year being used as Toads.

    I still can't believe how cumbersome all that licence and tag stuff is.

  6. Congrats on the new toad, but where is the scoot going to fit in here. Or maybe you should just leave it home next winter and stop by the HD dealership in Mesa, when you get here, and get yourself a HOG.

  7. Congrats on your new crv. You sure see a lot them behing motorhomes.


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