Thursday, March 10, 2011

Technical Stuff

Ya know that I like all this technical stuff and talking about it on the blog.  I hope that for those of you that don't like it, I can simplify it enough that your eyes don't just glaze over.

So with that said, I feel I should answer some of the questions from the comments.  So here goes!

Loyce called it a Blueberry too for the longest time, so Gypsy you aren't alone.  And our kids would roll their eyes and laugh outright at her perceived stupidity.  She does this just to get them to react, most of the time.  And she was as broken hearted as anyone when she dropped her phone in the little dab of water and it died before her eyes.

And for Sam who uses his phone just to make calls and receive them, it is a slippery slope when you begin to use the smart phone applications.  Take a picture or two, and email them to yourself for the blog.  It ding dongs and you look down at the email from your kids miles away from your laptop.  And then you get an instant message about your grandson catching the biggest fish of his young life and a picture too.     How do you go back to just making phone calls.

And yes Laurie, we also bought a really cheapie phone from Wal Mart to replace Loyce's drown phone.  With GSM phones, you just take your little card out of the back of the broken phone and put it in the new one.  You have your phone book and everything, instantly!  That had an unforeseen outcome as well, because she began to use my phone with email to look at all the emails and instant messages.  Since we are literally never apart, we could really almost share one phone anyway.

And also, I only had to extend the contract on the phone on my line for 24 additional months.  The plan did not change, and the monthly price did not change, save for the next three months having to pay $55 additional for the new phone.  But the phone is $499 outright, so my $219 price defers almost $300 onto the upcoming 24 months of billing.  So about $15 of my monthly bill is to pay for the phone.

So I have decided that I want to learn even more features and applications on a phone that is virtually a laptop computer that will be in my pocket all the time, no matter where I am.  This will have a price that will be more than before.  But I won't need to buy an I pad and a air card or mifi to connect it up.

And lastly, the no contract phone.  They are the cheapest way to go on all this stuff.  It is always cheaper to purchase your equipment up front.  Freddy points that out correctly.  He only pays for the actual air service that he has subscribed to for the month that he has paid.  He can quit at any time.  He can buy a new phone at anytime.  It is the best way, if you can and want to own your own equipment outright.  In fact much of the world overseas works just this way.  It is here in the US that we seem to want to do everything on credit.  But don't get me started on that one!

We have several family members that were and are on TMO and that is why we stay there.  But my DIL Melissa has a no contract phone, and swears by it.  I just didn't want to lay out the $500 bucks all at once to purchase a new Android phone.

Are your eyes glassed over yet?

Another medical day here for me, will it ever end?

Retired Rod



  1. I read somewhere that in other countries the phones themselves are terribly expensive, but the service costs much less, whereas in the US, they practically give you an expensive phone and make it up in high fees.

    I know that was true for the 3 yrs I lived in Ireland, where I got my first "mobile phone". I never paid for incoming calls, and just bought a card with however much time I wanted, and replaced the card to top off the phone when the minutes ran down. It may be different now with the advent of the Blueberries and those fancy phones.

    Next time I'm going on a no contract pay-as-you-go phone, but I am trying to simplify my life rather than fill it with technology that is constantly changing.

  2. I am kinda paddling the same boat as Gypsy these days & in my world of limited phone technology I find it much less stressful to abide by the KISS factor. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Not only applies to me but works for me as well:))

  3. I live in both worlds, IPhone back home in Canada with all the attendant bells and whistles and the $14 dollar Wal-Mart special down here. Both have their good points but for us cross border folks, a smart phone loses it's appeal when you add in all the cross border fees, so when we are in Dogpound South we just live a simpler, less connected life.

  4. Al has a buddy here, I receive text messages, but rarely will return one, if it's important then I call the texter. Old habits are hard to beat, and when I am out camping the laptop is in the trailer, so I wait till I get back to it. It will be awhile before I muster up the courage to try much more than a picture on my phone. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Like you say Rod, these new devices are much more than just phones. They are handheld marvels that allow us to communicate with our families by video, voice and picture. Browse the Internet, send and receive emails as well as all doing all kinds of other things - even read a book.

    I can't wait to upgrade my old phone to a new smartphone when we get back home. What to get - an iPhone or an Android? Buy or contract? Decisions, decisions!

  6. I am with Al, Gypsy, and Sam on this one. Use my phone for calls only.


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