Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Scootering kind of day.

We are going into a rainy period here in KC, and it will be cooler every day until the later part of next week.  So today was the day that I needed to get the motor scooter back out of the garage.

I had to dig the cycle pants and jacket out of the coat closet up in the front of our house.  They came in from the motor home, and like everything else got put away.  But once everything was assembled, and breakfast was behind me, it was off on the scooter.  Temps were in the mid 50s so at highway speed it was still cool.

Since Biscuit had her groomer visit yesterday, it meant that I also needed to get a hair cut.  In a humorous note, my barber shop is next door to the dog shop over in Missouri.  And the dog shop has actually been there much longer than my barber shop.  For a number of years, the shop next to the dog groomer was vacant, and when my barber found that he had to move out of his old location, things just fell together.  So I almost get my hair cut at the same place as the dogs, LOL.

Its about 10 miles over there, so it was a nice morning ride with the scooter.  It was bright and sunny without wind, but it was under 60 so still cool at speed.  I am great friends with the barbers, and many of the men that go their are full of pee and vinegar, so we have a good time as we get cleaned up.

After noon, I rode back over to the house for a few moments, but then on to the Petco to get another heavier  dog reel to walk Biscuit with.  It was adoption day, and they had a bunch of black lab puppies, that had paws bigger than my hands at about 6 weeks old, so how big will those guys get?

I hung around for a while playing with the puppies and all the people that they attract.  But I finally pulled myself out of there, and headed over to my son's house.  Unannounced!

I was just going to stop by for a minute, but little did I know they were having a party for Melissa's mother.  It was her birthday a few days ago, and they were all eating pizza and soft beverages.  The kids were running all over the house and screaming at the top of their lungs.  And we adults were ignoring them so they could.

So after over an hour of party crashing, I managed to say bye to everyone and head out again on the scoot.

I rode on for a while and went thru the Heritage Park, here South of our home.  We don't have any leaves on any of the trees, but the park was still busy as folks were walking on the paths and others were fishing in the lake.  I kind of putted around the park at slow speed, because there was a park ranger on duty making himself available for park patrons.  Especially those that choose to go fast in his park.

After that, I decided that a cheese burger was in order up at the local Wendys.

When I got home, with a full stomach, a nap ensued.  And tonight I have been watching the Invicta presentation on the time change weekend special shows. Watches will be presented all night.

You did remember to set your watch and clocks forward to the new time didn't you?

Retired Rod


  1. If I ever got another dog, which I definitely won't, it would be a black lab.

  2. The size of a Lab with large paws will usually top out at about 90-100lbs, Your description reminds me of Rigg's when he came home at 8 weeks, his growth in the next 3 months was phenominal, he topped out at 98 lbs at a year old.They look like they are born with boxing gloves on.He is now two and still a puppy at heart with no signs of slowing down.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Sounds like you had a nice enjoyable day!

    It must take you several days to change all your wrist watches to DST - and, then back again in the fall!!

  4. Glad you enjoyed a 'scoot' today. We haven't gotten ours out of the garage yet.


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