Friday, March 11, 2011

An all over the place day!

Well I guess that I am totally outnumbered here on the blog.  I LIKE technology, and I am not apologetic about it!  I want the latest of everything, and will spend hours on end messing around with it until I get bored.  Then I go out and ride the motorscooter!  So I plan to cause more eyes to glaze over while I explain the new phone.  When I get it next week.  Get ready, maybe I can convert some of you phone call only folks.  Well maybe not........

Its 38 over here on the wireless thermometer.  Ya it is connected to the outside unit with a 400 Mhz transmitter that communicates the data back to the display setting here on my end table next to my chair.  But then you expected that!  So its tooooo darned cold to go ride the motorscooter, so I have to stay inside and study the internet.  Or a new phone!

Lets see, do I look at the laptop with windows 7 or do I use the desktop with linux.  So yes I use two different operating systems.  Never been an Apple fan since way back in the Apple II days, so I don't use that laptop.  But more because it costs more than the windows stuff.  And I am CHEAP! Linux is Free!

I have continued to do some research on Verizon's air cards, but the reviews of the new 4G stuff is not good.  They drop the connection and cause a reboot all the time.  And the connection takes up to 4 minutes to reestablish.  Then you are dropped again in almost less time.

There are only 38 cities where 4G works and KC is not one of them.  So I am not hurrying to upgrade that device until the reviews come back a lot better!

Today was one of those days that didn't give me a lot to talk about, since I spent a lot of the morning on the phone with my stock broker trying to decide a strategy for what we perceive to be an upcoming correction due to high oil prices.  I'm not sure we came up with a plan other than sell the stuff that is overpriced and subject to the most correction, and then ride it out.

In the afternoon I went and had another Doctor's appointment and got some positive results.  That hasn't made me feel any better tonight as far as symptoms, but my mind is more at ease.  Oh and he doesn't like my Wendy's habit either, Gypsy!  But then I told him I had completely given up all coffee, and he just stared at me!

How the heck did you do that? He finally inquired.  I said just cold turkey one day when it caused my Gastric Reflux to go over the top crazy.  He offered that there wasn't any way he could get thru the day without coffee.  So see even the Doctors have their vices!

It was after 4 PM when we got back here at the house, and I still had to mail the latest Watch I received back to the Invicta people.  I think it was a much older item that was a hold over.  It seemed to have a bad battery, as it was just running sloooow.  But they only have the send it back plan, as opening the case at my jeweler would void their warranty.  So I sent it back!

Biscuit has an appointment for another puppy cut at the groomers here in KC tomorrow.  She is undaunted by this fact, even thou Loyce explained it to her.  She obviously doesn't know the word groomer yet.  And maybe that is just as well.  She has never been to the groomer we use here in KC before, because we left here when she had only been with us for about 2 weeks.

But she is more than twice the size now, and has a bunch of hair that needs to be buzzed off.  Since she is older, and it is becoming more toward spring, I think she will get a shorter cut this time.  She grows out almost like a flash, so we are not worried about how quick it will get long again.

Loyce has begun to take her on fairly long walks around our neighborhood, and that should help her learn to follow along on a leash.  The long walks tire her out more and then it is about all she can do to keep up.  But only then, she will walk at your side, without pulling all the time.   She'll get it, but it will take some more time, for sure.

So that's about it from here in KC, but if it would warm up some, my son Chris wants to go camping!  Since we have lived in the coach all winter, I'm not sure his mom wants to go along!  LOL

Retired Rod


  1. Harry and I are both techies and love all the gadgets! Harry just got a bluetooth speaker for his car, so that is his newest toy. LOL We both have droid incredibles and love them - and I use it for internet and email much more than for phone calls!! :)

  2. Rod if it's any consolation I am still an XP family, no modern Windows seven here yet. Maybe one of these days. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. As the old saying goes "he who has the most toys wins"! You and I must be up near the top of that list. Interesting stuff on the 4G reception. Probably best to stick with 3G until all the bugs and problems are worked out.

    Nice to hear Biscuit is going for longer walks, it shouldn't be long before she gets the idea that tugging on the leash is futile.

  4. Coffee is not a vice - it's gift from on high.


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