Monday, March 28, 2011

Noodles and Family

Well now, I see I have succeeded in stirring up both sides of the issue about the Canadian Prime Minister, which I did not intend to do.  But what I was trying to understand, was that in Canada, an election can be called any old time.  Here in the US we have a set pattern of dates that govern when elections take place.

So in my US trained way of thinking, it is an election out of the clear blue, but in Canada that seems to be the only way that a change will come about.  The second thing that I have to come to grips with, is that there are four fairly large political parties, not two.  This forces some folks to form coalitions in order to get things done.  So I have been reading about these things in the last couple of days.

The one thing that I think is much better about the Canadian system, is that the whole thing will be over in 6 weeks.  That limits how much money a candidate can spend on a campaign, and limits the exposure to that never ending bunch of TV commercials berating the opposition.   How do we get that installed down here in the US?  As US citizens, I am sure we don't spend enough time understanding how things go in Canada.

Again it was family day here in Kansas, as our older son and his wife arrived mid morning for a visit.  The two grandkids were raring to go when it came to the toys we keep here at our house.

I was in the middle of making egg noodles from scratch, like my grandmother and mother used to do.  My mother's family was from the farm, and she worked in the kitchen while the men were in the field, and chicken and noodles was one of the staples.  I watched her make the noodles on many a Sunday morning, so in her honor, I made noodles like she did today.

The recipe is so simple with just flour eggs milk and salt.  Rolling them out with a wooden rolling pin and waiting for them to dry.  She used to cut them and hang them on the noodle racks, but we don't have such an item in this household anymore.

Most of the big pan of the noodles were gone in a short jiffy, once I declared it was ready to eat.  I used the boxed chicken broth as the base stock for the chicken.  Like mother, I boiled the noodles in plain water first, and drained them once they were cooked thru.

Chris and I had to go drive the new Honda around for a while, comparing it to the Accord that they have as their family car.  And not much has really changed since their car was made.  The CRV is taller and heavier and drives firmer, but some of that is because it is much newer as well.

We also messed around with the watch collection and the latest acquisitions, talking about features and sizes and so forth.  Watches are so subjective, as what one guy likes, the next fellow thinks is too big or gaudy.  So we don't always agree on the appeal of a piece.  But he is always nice and doesn't look at me with that "What the heck did you buy that for?" look!

And we didn't play Angry Birds one time today!!  Enough is enough, LOL.

Retired Rod


  1. I've never had to deal with angry birds. What is it that makes these birds angry anyway? Do you hang their birdfeeders upside down? Do you put hot Chile Peppers in their seeds? Just what is it that makes these birds so angry at you. Do you think they know you are not taking enough time to understand how things go in Canada. Are these birds Canada Geese perhaps.......:))

  2. Hey Rod I'm with you on politics, After this go around, I think we should try four years without a President, couldn't be any worse. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Have you asked the Angry Birds about your watches?

  4. Thanks for your interest in our system. It seems a little looser than yours but it is ours and like it or not it is what we have.

    As a Canadian who is proud to be your largest trading partner and closest neighbour, not to mention the sunbelt winters, I try to keep up on what is happening politically south of the Medicine Line so it always warms the cockles of my heart to see that interest reciprocated.

    As for Rick, great tech adviser that he is, like your Californians our British Columbians are known to be a little bit out in LEFT field and although we love them to bits we just try to grin and bear their political leanings.

  5. Rod, I'm just glad that guys like you and Sam don't appear to reflect the majority view of your great President - Barrack Obama. Here in the great state of California, he is definitely a popular President and it appears he will cruise to re-election no matter which one of the 'Motley Crew' the other guys eventually decide on.

    As for JB, what can I say. He's from Alberta! That's a bit like Texas and we know all about the last U.S. President that came from Texas.

    Congrats on the noodles by the way - lots of fun!

  6. Those noodles sound so good. My Mom used to make them also.

  7. Good for you making home made noodles! You have more motivation than I do! Have you ever thought of using your Kitchen Aid to make the noodles? Anyway-you are a awesome cook!


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