Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snow in KC

Sunday afternoon we had a sleeting rain that turned to snow here in KC.  Then it began to accumulate on the ground!  Drat, its supposed to be spring!  Then when about two inches was on everything it went cold and froze for the night.

So this morning everything was white out when we got up.  It wasn't until mid morning that the temps went up above freezing and then it began to spit rain.  I think we made 40 by mid afternoon, but there was no sun.  I drove over to Wendy's for a burger, but it was dark cloudy and damp cold. 

I stayed in next to the electric heater all day, and did computer stuff.  Loyce left once, but I never asked her where she went.  I was busy arguing with the Verizon folks trying to understand the new air card rules.  The reviews of their 4G USB cards are terrible, claiming that they don't stay connected and if they do, it takes a 4 bar signal.  Reviewers say do your self a favor and don't order this.  But you have to order it to get the $50 plan for 5 Gb.

What?  Can't I just use my old card and get the $50 plan?  Why, no sir, you can't!  You can't get it with a 3G card either.  And you have to sign up for 2 more years to boot!.  We went round and round on the phone.  Finally I hung up and called back just to get a different CSR.  Same story.  A salesman told me that I had to call the loyalty office, which he connected me to.  Same deal must use 4G card.  But they don't work, and we don't have 4G here in KC yet.   We went round and round, until the lady just hung up on me!  Verizon may have the best coverage, but their CS is terrible!

Somewhere in there I did check into the internet site for Johnson County realestate tax, and found out the amount that we need to pay for the second half of our taxes, and went to the bill pay service and scheduled the payment so I wouldn't forget about it like I did last year!

What else are you going to do on a cold, dark and rainy day?  Play Angry Birds?  Yeah, I did that too!!

Retired Rod


  1. What!!!! You haven't got those angry birds under control yet??

  2. Sounds like our Saturday here on the East End. We were lucky though Sunday it was warm enough to melt most of the snow and it's gone again now. I waiting another two weeks before even looking at the trailer. I usually dewinterize it around the 1st of April, (My Birthday) but this year I will be waiting until about the 15th.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. I thought Verizon customer service was great! If you think Verizon is bad, you should have to deal with Bell Canada! They are absolutely useless and could care less about their customers. I never had a bad experience with Verizon in the four years we had our phones but we didn't have air cards!

  4. I guess 4G service just ain't ready for prime time yet! I've got my good old 3G USB760 air card and it's been working just perfect. Thanks for being the guinea pig on the 4G cards Rod, you've been a tremendous help to many of us.


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