Monday, March 21, 2011

Heading back home.

Another ho hum driving day, as we loaded up the car and headed out back to KC.  I wasn't in a hurry, and kind of loped along at 60.  We use the two lane roads, and much of the way the speed limit is only 55, so 60 is pushing it a bit.

But the sun was shining, and we were having lively discussions about nothing in particular.  But neither of us went to sleep, LOL.  Well, I was driving, so perhaps it might have been bad if I went to sleep.

Back here in KC, I made my self busy applying the license tags that I had acquired the other day in Miller county Missouri.  And since I was in the mode, I hoped on the Motor scooter and drove over to the storage lot where we store the utility trailer.  After a quick moment to try and find why the gate was open, I stuck the sticker on that plate as well.

I never found anyone in the storage lot after riding around the place twice.  Someone must have left and not closed the gate.  It has a lock and a chain, so I locked the place up.  This lot is in the older part of town, and is not nearly as secure as the lot we keep the motor home in.  But the motorhome lot is 4 times the price.  Those cameras cost money.

Back here tonight, I sat and watched the last night of the spring forward watch event.  It ran for the last 4 hours.  I was reading the internet blogs for most of the time, but every now and then, something would catch my eye.  Glad that's over with for another year!

Another day in the retired life!

Retired Rod


  1. I'm reminded that I need to affix the new sticker on my truck license plates. I've had them for a couple of weeks but hate to go out in the rain to do it, and when the sun is shining I forget.

  2. Nice to see you're both back home all safe and sound. Falling asleep while driving is never a good idea! Luckily for me, Paulette would let out a scream that would wake the dead. It's amazing to hear you talk about watching a watch show for 4 hours! I guess you have to be a bit of a watch addict to do that.


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