Sunday, March 27, 2011

Keep me out of the computer store.

Today I decided that I had had enough of the computer mouse that had the bad wire on it.  Sometimes it would be alright and I could control where the little arrow went and then the next time things would go all bonkers and screens would open that I had never seen before!

At first I didn't recognize what was happening to me. But eventually I wised up that the mouse was the culprit.  So off to Hypertech where we purchase all this aftermarket stuff.  And they had the cutest little Logitech wireless mouse for under $20.  The receiver thingy looks like a thumb drive only smaller and plugs into a USB slot on the back of the computer.

The mouse is optical and does not have a ball in the bottom.  It only uses one AA battery and is quite small. No more wires to deal with.  Man was I in the dark ages.

But then I got to looking around in the store,,, , , , , and this 22 inch Viewsonic 1080p monitor began to call my name out!!!!   Buy me, I'm under $200.  Buy me, Buy me, Buy me!!!!!  What's a guy to do?

So tonight I am looking at this LCD backlite monitor that is brighter than ever like my lap top, and it is wider than all the web sites and will play DVDs in 16x9 and and and.....

I should stay out of the computer store....... its as bad as watches!!

Oh and I discovered that there were a number of levels on Angry Birds that I just thought I had cleared, and really I had skipped over them.  What?  that won't do.  So tonight I started in on that project!  LOL.
It isn't anything to accomplish, but its there, and I can't rest till its solved!

I still have to go find all the golden eggs and then I will have the original game completed.  But you know the game does just what it is supposed to do.  Teach you to run your phone!!!  With the touch screen, that you are not familiar with when you first get the thing.  And you don't even realize that it is happening to you.

Tonight it is freezing outside here in KC, and we had snow flurries most of the day.  It never stuck to the ground, but I had to run the wipers and clear the snow from the windshield as I was driving to the computer store.  Is spring ever coming?

And tonight, I am wondering about all my Canadian friends and if they are in more of a hurry to go vote for the next prime minister.  I think they said May 2nd, so most of you will be back by then.  But didn't you just do that for Mr. Harper?  I do not really understand the Parliament and its procedures so one of you might explain this to me.  What is no confidence?  Heck if we had that rule our President would be out of office in about three weeks.

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, you was in the dark ages alright. We've had those optical mouse guys for our computers for quite awhile now. If I understood all that silly political stuff I would tell you, but I don't, so I won't......

  2. I don't understand it either. I guess the Liberals just like forcing elections on us. We have so much money to do that every couple of years!

  3. It's a long complicated story that really needs a campfire and some hot drinks to make it interesting. In a nutshell, we had a minority government, caused by the fact that although Mr. Harper and the Conservatives had 143 seats, which was more than any other party, they needed a 155 to have a clear majority. The other parties, more than one as you have here, held the other seats. They ganged together and voted that they had lost confidence in the government so Harper had no choice but call and election. I guess those other parties believe that Canadians have an extra $300 million or so to fund another trip to the polls. The good thing is our campaign will only last 36 days not the interminable amount of time it appears to take here in the States. And yes we will be home to make our displeasure with the other parties known at the voting booth.

    As we are seeing around the world democracy is a hard won right and we intend to exercise it.

  4. I'll be home in time to negate JB's vote. Harper's a clown and it's time he left politics to run off and join the circus!

  5. What's this? Political talk on a blog? I was told not to do that.....

  6. Ya I started that stuff, but as a US guy, I don't understand why they can just call for an election any time they want to. It doesn't make any sense to me to go thru that all the time. Canada doesn't have a fourth of the population of the US but they spend $300 million just because their guy didn't win. Can you see me shaking my head?

  7. don't worry Rod we are shaking our heads at this one also. NOBODY is happy about this and Rick I will be their to nagate your vote


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