Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Wal Mart

Since I posted a somewhat negative attitude toward Wal Mart several days ago over an oil change and the ticket writer's attitude, I thought I should also post today's experience with another store.

My daughter in law dropped me a note that she has begun using the Wal Mart over in old downtown Olathe.  She referred to it as K-7 Wal Mart, because it is on Highway Kansas 7, and here in Kansas we just  call it K-7.

This Wal Mart was built brand new just a couple of years ago, and started from scratch with employees and inventory.  Because of that you find newer products that have not sat around for years, and better attitudes from the employee staff, because they are not long term soured folks.  IMHO

I took the Camry over for service as it was due, after our 1500 mile trek back to Kansas.  I was met at the door, by a cheery associate with his check in gun in hand.  In a mere moment or two he had me put into his  system and on my way into the store.  I was next in line, as the lane was empty in front of me.

While in the store, I inquired about the size and price of tires for the Camry, and the gal behind the counter advised that they had a sale of $8 off on my size for Goodyear average grade tires.  I went back out to the garage and asked about the percentage of wear on my front tires and learned that I was at about 30 percent remaining life.

They offered to install the new tires on the spot, as that lane only had one customer in it as well.  It took about 30 minutes for the entire transaction, and the fellow balanced the older tires from the rear as a courtesy before installing them on the front.

And, yes I did install the new tires on the rear.  With front wheel drive cars, they recommend that the newer tires be on the back.  And seasoned readers will remember that I traded ends with a Corolla a couple of years ago in Arizona, when the back end spun around and then we rolled over as we hit the desert gravel.

I remember that one of the back tires wasn't as good as it could have been, and to this day feel that a better set of rear tires might have averted that nasty outcome.  I still had 7 mm of tread on the Camry's  rear tires which was well over half of the original 11 mm, so they are now on the front.

My total bill for this service including the oil change was $223.  That is why I like using Wal Mart, when their employees have the proper attitude and are oriented toward serving the customer.

I will return to this store even though it is 10 miles distant from where we live.

Retired Rod


  1. Glad to have you back on our side lol. You know how much I love Wal Mart.

    Take Care Rod and Hello to Loyce
    Brenda Brown

  2. Yep, The Wal-Mart by us is always cheery and a great place to buy tires. Be safe out there, Sam & Donna..

  3. Glad to hear that you and the Walton's are back on speaking terms. God knows that that family needs all the business they can get.

  4. Good news, Rod! If nothing else, you certainly are a very faithful customer!


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