Friday, March 18, 2011

To the Lake!

We have headed of down to the Lake of the Ozarks for a few days that are not turning out to be as good of weather forecast as we had planned.  But it is good to get the cabin opened up and the cob webs chased out.

We were lucky enough to find thing just as we had left them last fall.  We turn off the water at the entrance, and leave the electric heat on at 50 degrees.  With the electric heat, you don't have to worry about pilot lights blowing out or any other such calamities.

On these travel days, there is really not much to explain, since all we do is pack up back in KC, and load it all in the car and drive for three and a half hours.  Missouri seems so timeless as we drive thru the countryside.  Almost all of the junk cars are still abandoned in the same farmhouse yards from last fall, LOL.

It was 75 degrees when we arrived here this afternoon, and we opened the place up to fresh air and opened the plumbing to fresh water.  We are in the habit of running a bunch of water thru the pipes and water heater, when we arrive, since the old stale water needs to be sent down the drain.  It probably doesn't do the septic system much good to have a lot of water thru it like that, but we are on a common system that has ooodles of houses on it.

Depending on whether we get the promised rain, tomorrow may take on several opportunities, none of which includes the spring cleaning we should be doing for the new season.  But then there is all summer to do that stuff anyway!

Retired Rod


  1. Nice to have a home away from home. Not quite the same as RVing but there are similarities. Always good to have a destination & place to go when things begin to drag at home. Kind of satisfys that hitch itch stuff by slipping away to the cottage for a few days. Nice idea.

  2. Hope you'll post some pictures of your get away place. :)

  3. You're right when you say you have all summer to do that work. Relax and enjoy the weekend, the work will still be there for next time.

  4. Have a great few days in MO. We love it there. We actually stayed at Osage Beach. It was quite beautiful there.


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