Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching up paperwork

I sat here today reading the nice comments we received about Wal Mart and their oil changing service.  Seems that many of you have had some of the same experience that I had yesterday.  So why do I go back there?

I thought about that for a while today and became convinced that it is because I can shop in the store while they are working on the vehicle.  Seems that we always need stuff and are going to the grocery store or to the pharmacy, and then I relent and say aw so what, they can't mess it up every time!  But it seems that lately I have been a high percentage looser.

Yesterday it was late in the afternoon when I decided to get the work done, and I found an empty line after doing the Wendy's drive thru.  I surmised, what's not to like about this?  And from there the experience turned more sour.

Today our skies turned overcast for much of the morning, and then broke into sunshine and 64 degrees.  It was quite nice during the afternoon, but I sat here reading my book and the internet sites.  Biscuit and I drifted off for a nap in the afternoon for a while, and we never left the house.

I have been working on following up loose ends on bills that need to be paid since we have been gone, and spent some of the day on the phone tracking down stuff that I know needs taken care of.  Not exciting, but still time consuming.

Tonight I was back on the internet watching the Sunday Run from Invicta (on a Thursday) to see if they offered anything I couldn't live without.  I did order a cheapie  watch that has a nice rubberized bracelet on it.  I might just toss the watch and use the bracelet once it arrives.  Am I nuts?  I couldn't order the bracelet for the $53 the entire watch will cost delivered.

A slow day, but at least my truck has its insurance renewal done now.  And in that light, we can't get our license tags at our insurance companies like they do up in Canada.  We do have to get a proof of insurance card when we renew, and then take that to the DMV office in order to get the tags.

Oh and I see that one of my Iowa friends that signed on as anonymous, had to remind me that going to the Iowa court house in almost any county is almost instantaneous.  And I'm sure it is that way in all the other counties here in Kansas too, except Johnson county where we have about 10 times the population.

The price we pay to live in the big city!!

Retired Rod


  1. Getting license tags at an Insurance Company in Canada is a new one on me. Never heard of that in Ontario. I have a Walmart watch with a rubber band. Like the watch but hate the bulky 'rubber' band. And being a watch guy I'm sure you knew the little Moron threw his watch out the window just to watch time fly:))

  2. I'm with Al, you can't get your tags at an Insurance Company in Alberta either but we do have Private Registry agents who can issue them for you. You need proof of insurance though before it is done. Before they privatized it we had to go to DMV and it was a painful experience, although they used to let us mail in the renewal at that time.

  3. Ditto for me. We get our license tags at the DMV.

  4. In BC, we've been getting our license tags at our insurance company offices, or DMV, since 1975!!

    The average auto insurance rate in Ontario is $2,383 while it is $1,324 in BC.

    The difference in cost and services? In Ontario, car insurance is handled by private insurance companies. In B.C., car insurance is run by the Provincial Government as we got tired of being gouged by insurance companies decades ago.


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