Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Phone

Warning a bunch of technobabble to follow.....  Eyes will glaze over.... So here goes.

It didn't matter what I did all day, or that we had the grandkids over here and Caden got a new electronic watch from Wal Mart that he and grandma picked out together.  He was proud, and it had all kinds of pushers on it on all sides and did a bunch of stuff.  Happy Birthday Caden!

I was out getting a sandwich, and driving around looking at stuff I shouldn't be looking at, and while I was gone the UPS driver brought it!!!!

The G2 HTC phone that is.  Stay calm now, Rod.  Its just a phone, nothing special.  Ya right!

I had it out on the table and the plastic off in a jiffy.  Since it is a GSM phone, it has a SIM card to identify itself to the network.  I pulled the old one out of the Blackberry and slipped it into the pocket next to the battery.  I had to read the booklet enough to get it turned on, and now I have already misplaced it.

It booted and seemed to come on, but it was a bit slow.  This is 4G?  But I kept messing with it.  I got the GMail account loaded into the phone, because it is google, most of the preloaded apps run with the gmail signon.  My google email showed right up and it seemed to be a deal.

But then I needed to put my regular email address in so I could get my email off of the cable system.  That was causing me some pause.  I knew that I had a pop3 server, and knew its address, so I put that in.
And it didn't have any encryption so I answered none for that.   But what was its port?  I took what the system had guessed, and it seemed to signon to the download.

But then the upload SMTP side started to cause me fits.  I went round and round, typing password and address and encryption types mostly guessing.  But it kept choosing port 577.  Heck I have no way of knowing that.  So I had to do something very un male like and call the tech over at the cable company.

We walked right thru the selections, and he said use port 25.  And no encryption,  and type the entire email address including the part after the @ sign.  Of course he's done it hundreds of times with us callers, and bam, it signed on!!!!  Happy dance!!!!

Well I thought I was home free, as I had a data plan and everything should be good to go.  Uh, not exactly.  The sim card has the phone book, but I can't see it.  But hey lets download Angry Birds and see if the connection works.

I got it downloaded and began to play a few levels.  Darn that is a addicting game.  But when I came back and began to surf the internet it all came to a stop.  What??  Said I needed a plan!  But I have a plan for data!  Well,,,,,, not the right plan.  I had to give in and call again, this time T-Mobile.  What gives with this plan?

It seems that I had a blackberry plan, and it was $24.95 with data and SMS messages.  But now I have a HTC G2, and it needs the new $29.95 plan and it doesn't come with messages.  Well that's OK turn them off because I never use them anyway.  We use instant messaging in this family!!

Oh and the nice lady walked me thru the steps to import my contact list from the sim card too.  I still have a bunch to learn there, but it looks like the blackberry had a much superior contact register to this G2.  And I will miss that part, unless there is more to the contact register than I can figure out on my own here in one night.

As soon and the nice lady turned on my revised plan, the downloads came right back, and the speed increased a bunch too.  But now it is way late at night, and I need to hang it up for now.

I'm about cross eyed looking into that small screen for several hours anyway.  But it will read blogs while in the car waiting for the misses in a quilt shop!!!!!  So what's not to like about that?

Retired Rod


  1. I have a Droid Incredible and I like it much more than the Blackberry Harry used to have. I'm sure I don't know half of what I could do with it, but I like being able to do my usual internet stuff with no problem. :)

  2. I'm sure you'll figure the rest out and get that new phone up to speed in no time, Rod. Can't wait to get my hand on one of those gizmo's.


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