Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Doctors and Motorhome parking

More Doctor business took most of our morning here in KC.  We are getting transitioned back to the KC Doctor from the Mesa Doctor!  Kind of boring stuff, but required now that we are back on the home ranch.

Well that tired me all out, when we got home, so I sat down to read the morning blogs, and Loyce left to go on some errand.  ZZZzzzzzz.  Dang I hate it when that happens.  How did I get so old and worthless?

Of course some errant caller decided to ring our phone all ten times before it went to voice mail, rocked me back into the land of the living.  And not too much after that Loyce came back with Biscuit and turned her loose to jump all over me.  Awake now!

Sometime after that  we learned that the phone call was the fellow over at the storage place wanting to know if he rented the space behind me, could I still get parked.  Well,,, in a word, no!  So I called him but this time only got his answer machine.

By now it was beginning to be late in the afternoon, so I stopped by that sandwich shop on the way over to  Storage Mart.  We rode around the lot trying to decide where to park the motorhome so he could rent the spot behind it.

We decided on a spot on the end of a row next to a class C that is about 30 foot long.  I can slip in and out easily from there, but I wasn't sure the class C could get out.  I have met the owner of that rig last year and he seemed to be a nice fellow, but that was before he found himself parked in.  Time will tell.  So we are now on the end of a row where we can just depart at will.

Upon returning home I found my daughter in law and her two grand kids to be here terrorizing Biscuit.  Or was she terrorizing the kids?  Well they were all wild anyway, and grandpa just sits over in the corner watching the whole deal.

Days are somewhat without interest here when we are home.  But then that is how retirement is.

Retired Rod


  1. Didn't you know playful little dogs have a magical way of keeping Seniors from feeling old & worthless:))

  2. What's with the old and worthless stuff, that mutt obviously doesn't think so and I know Loyce is in agreement with Biscuit. Puppies and grandchildren are one of the rewards of getting older.

    Sounds like you a pretty interesting day compared to most of mine.

  3. Rod I hope everything is being taken care of back home with the Medical Community.

    Kids----that is exactly what Biscuit needs to wear her out.

    Take Care

  4. It's great to hear that Biscuit is getting lots of play time with your grandchildren. She'll love that and so will the kids. Besides, sitting back just watching them tire themselves out is a bonus!


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