Sunday, March 6, 2011

Biscuit is still Biscuit

I have neglected to write about Biscuit for the last couple of weeks, and Penny down there in Conroe, Tx keeps reminding me to get on the stick.  I don't have any current pictures of the dog, because I am lazy and haven't taken any.  Not just of Biscuit, I haven't taken any pictures since we have been back.

Biscuit rode out to Arizona as a 10 week old puppy, and consequently does not remember anything about her home here in KC.  As far as she was concerned, the motorhome was her home.  And the lot we were parked on in Valle Del Oro, was her outside world.

She was more than shocked to find that the motorhome actually moved when we left Mesa.  She rode in the car along with Loyce, and was very needy about riding along.  She would have nothing to do with her crate in the car, and had to sit right on Loyce's lap for the first three days that we were traveling.  

Things didn't smell right when we got out of the car to go potty, so she refused to go.  She wasn't even going to get out of the car, but her mommy made her.  It was so bad, that the first day she had an accident in her bed on the floor of the car, rather than go pee outside.

When we got to the SKP park in Deming, NM, it was gravel like the park back in Arizona and she had no problems with her eliminations there.  Must have seemed like normal for a while.  But the next night we were in Pecos, Tx, and they actually had some dried out grass next to our site.  She didn't like walking in it at all!

She kept holding up her paws like she couldn't step on it.  We think it had little stickers in it and she had never been in such an environment before.  Her mommy combed the stickers all out that night before she would go to bed.

By the third day we were back to somewhat normal as she settled down to the fact that we were somewhere different every night.  The grass in Dallas didn't have stickers, and had started to become green in places.  She adjusted better because we were there two days.

Fast forward to KC and the fact that it is cold here.  It is 28 as I type this, and tonight will become colder than that before it is over.  She doesn't like the cold, and will fight to go right back into the house and not do her job.  We have to stand a while to get her to understand what she is out there for.  Meanwhile we freeze.

But overall she likes being here at the house.  It is so much bigger than the motorhome, and she can run and run.  She runs into the dining room and then the living room and around the corner back into the kitchen.  She makes this circle until I have to stop her.  Over and over, at break neck speed.  But to our surprise, she has not gone potty on the floor inside once!

I was worried that she would digress, but she is upstairs with Loyce right now and I can hear her running all around the bedrooms up and down the hall, barking at the top of her lungs.   Her crate is upstairs next to our bed, and she sleeps in it without a problem.  Since she is approaching 6 months old, she is now sleeping much longer into the morning, and it is quieter here as we don't have neighbors outside at the crack of dawn to awaken her.

She has developed some bad habits here as well, because she has learned to stand on her back legs and put her paws on the kitchen table.  She is tall enough to see everything on the table and try to grab food items.  She gets swatted for this behavior, but it doesn't seem to deter her much as she will be right back. Scolding her is meaningless.

I have chained her to the cabinet while we are eating, and given her her dog food bowl.  But she won't eat it then.  She waits until we have put away all of our food and left the room.  Then perhaps the dog food will be alright.  We try not to give her any people food, because we will never break that habit if we get it started.

So that is the Biscuit report!  She still crawls under your covers, and licks your face until you can't stand it any more.  She can't stand still if we go outside for a walk.  She has to run to the end of her lead and stand on her back legs to pull harder.  Her energy is endless!!

Retired Rod


  1. Yaaaaaaay Biscuit, you go girl:))

  2. Sounds to me like you have a normal well adjusted and full of hell puppy, Just hang on for the ride. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Thanks for the Biscuit update--sounds like a puppy, I was ready to trade Emmi back in at age six months! Try squirting her in the face with lime juice--buy one of those little green plastic bottles of lime juice at the grocery store--when she puts her paws on the table and try not to let her see where it is coming from--might help, then might not!

  4. Sounds just like a normal little puppy to me, especially the running around the house part. I just think it means she's happy!

  5. As my mom used to say...."that puppy is just full of p-ss and vinegar."

  6. Thank you for update on Biscuit.
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures of her, and how much she has grown.

    It is a shame you had to cut some of your snowbirding time, and come back to that cold KS weather.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX


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