Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mundane and catchup!

Into the mundane!  The daily part of our existence here in KC.  But even though it is mundane, you can't say we aren't busy. Way too much so.  The first order of business today was to get a place to store the motorhome.

When we headed out last October, we canceled our contract with the storage place.  At over $100 bucks a month, one wouldn't pay rent for months your not there.  But this comes with draw backs.  I quickly lost my spot up front in the lot.  And there wasn't any guarantee that we even would be allowed back in the lot.

So with this back drop, I traveled the lot in a golf cart with the manager.  This is when he dropped the bomb that the rent is now $125.  Oh great!  But even had I stayed, the rent would have risen to that amount.  In addition the site available is in the very back of the lot, and more difficult to get parked in due to other equipment around me.

I did save the $375, and that was invested in the $600 a month that storing the rig in Arizona costs.  Well though, we got to actually live in the rig in Arizona, where today I had to sign that I would not stay in the unit overnight.

With that task behind me, it was back over to my least favorite place in Kansas.  The DMV.  The little utility trailer has a Kansas Tag, and it is not due with the other tags on our stuff.  The trailer tags are all due on Feb 28.  We arrived home on the last legal day for the trailer to be on the road.  I have tried to purchase this tag in December before we leave, but no can do.

And since today was March 1st, it is now delinquent, so you can't mail it in anymore either.  So I had to go sit in line at the DMV.  I have cussed this process on previous blogs, so I will not turn this into a rant here.  I used my cell phone number when I signed into the office for a in line ticket.  Then I left for some lunch at a local Wendy's.  I ran another errand and returned.

I began getting update phone text messages about how I was progressing in line.  Seems as though every time I got a message my progress worsened.  The estimated time for me to be called became longer as time passed.  Though now I was back in the office, I could see that they were not making much progress.  Eventually I began to climb the ladder of those to be served.

After 2 hours and 15 minutes, I was allowed to step to the window and pay my $25 for a trailer tag.  But I was well informed about my progress with 5 text messages during the process.  While I was there, folks were leaving without being served, mostly stating that they had to get back to work.  Kansas needs a better system!

So as it became dusk, we hurried to unload another round of stuff from the coach, and quickly delivered it to its new parking spot.  A mundane day to catch back up in the process of keeping things licensed and  bills paid!

Retired Rod


  1. They must have made some improvements in the DMV system here in MO, last time I went to the O'Fallon office I walked right in and no wait, 15 minutes later I was walking out trying to get my head to stop spinning. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Talk about about the person at the DMV who's job it is input the status of the line-up into a computer every few seconds. Does that person sit in a darkened back room only to run out & count heads ever minute or so & then send out an electronic text message to let everyone know where it is in line they are standing. Yes, I would say your Kansas DMV has a very large problem there. Like Sam, we are often able to walk into our licensing bureau & right up to the counter.

  3. Now, here's a twist. In our friendly socialist country to your north (that'd be us in Canada) I can go to our local government licensing bureau to get license tags OR to any one of dozens of PRIVATE insurance companies in our area instead, to get the same tags as the whole system is linked by computer.

    Just maybe you guys can learn a few capitalistic things from us 'commies' after all.

  4. Here is TX, we can renew our tags at the Customer Service counters at most grocery stores. I believe they can renew the tags up to 5 days past expiration. Only after then do you have to get them at the county office.

    Seems like it could be that easy all over the US.

    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Think U should move back to IA..where life is much easier! Just sayin!


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