Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday and nasty weather.

Well the scooter ducked his self right back into the shed last night and this morning started out really gray and overcast.  I mean nasty going down weather that proceeded to get worse all day.  I went out Wal Mart shopping in the middle of the afternoon and it was about 40, but damp and 40.

It was kind of a bone chilling afternoon for us fellows that spent the winter out in Arizona.  The rest of the folks around here just shrugged at me, and said so...

Well so... is the fact that it is now raining and has been for the last several hours and the temperature is 34.  The weather map has all that nasty pink mixed rain and snow all over the KC area, and they are saying it will turn to all snow before morning.

I knew coming back here in early March wasn't a good idea!  Oh well we'll live thru it.  But shoveling is not going to happen.  It will have to warm up and melt on its own!

Sunday is family day and my older son came over with his daughter Claire.  They hung out with us for several hours.  We did what all family folks do, discuss everything that has happened since we were together the last time.  Chris and I dug thru the watch box and tried on several models that he hasn't seen  since last fall.

Claire and grandma disappeared up into the upstairs bed room for quite a while, and eventually came down with a birthday present for Claire.  She had a new doll and a big smile.  I think it was a success, given that we have been informed tonight that the doll has been fairly  inseparable with its new owner all day.

Lets hope the snow isn't over our hips by morning.

Retired Rod


  1. Just got up here in Dardenne Prairie at 05"30AM and there is about 2 inches of snow on the ground and snowing hard still. No school for Nicole today, and Adam is on spring break so they can have a play day. Nicole's school cancelled spring break because of all the snow days, drat the luck. Be safe out there supposed to hit the 70's at the end of thur-fri. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna....

  2. I'm sure next year, Rod, you and Loyce will be in AZ, or somewhere else warm, right through March so you won't have to freeze up there in KC with snow. Don't be going out on that scooter today!!


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