Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moving sideways!

I can't help but wonder why I am falling off of the chair, but as I look at the watch on my wrist, it is after midnight.  This time change stuff still has me all screwed up.  My insides do not think it is that late.

Today I spent even more time messing around with the new phone.  Tonight, I even had to read some of the owners manual, because I couldn't figure it all out on my own.  Some things are just not intuitive on this  little fellow at all.

I was driving down the road, and the phone rang, and I could see it was Loyce calling, but tapping the green button would not answer the phone.  What?  Of course there is no green button, but just a icon that opens up on the screen of a green button.  And reading things in the owners manual (Gasp) points out that you do not tap the button, but rather you place your finger on it and drag it right to the edge of the screen.  Who the he!! came up with that one?

Likewise I could not determine how to get the phone out of sleep mode, once the screen goes dark.  I had decided that touching the "on" button on top brought back the back light, but the phone was locked.  It had a lock button that was illuminated as well.  Again dragging this button off of the screen to the right, undid the lock.  Messed with that one for much of the day, and never got it figured out!!!

Why do manufactures do stuff like that?  Is it just for the cool factor?  Not cool!

The rest of the phone seems to be more straight forward, and I am becoming better at typing on the little keyboard that comes out of the drawer on the bottom.  I tried the screen keyboard, but my big fingers are a real crap shoot as to which key will actually be entered onto the message.  I have done a lot of back spacing!

I ran most of the battery out messing with "Angry Birds" (game), as our oldest son's girls came over for grandmother babysitting this afternoon.  I stayed a while, but then ducked out on some made up errands. I sort of drove around looking at cars on car lots, as we are thinking of finding something that we can pull behind the motorhome.  Loyce has casually said she would like to ride in the coach rather than drive the extra car.  Well there goes the motorscooter on board trick.  And I'm sure there is nothing casual about the suggestion.

I came back in time to find that it was nap time, and I had to be real quiet, but I just left again instead.

Tonight, I have again been watching the time changing watch shows on Shop NBC.  It just runs on the wall as I do other things, but if something catches my eye I will suddenly drop stuff and watch.  I haven't purchased anything since last Saturday night, when I caught a fairly cheap item for $159.  I didn't need that either, but it was something I have never owned before, so I caved in and ordered it.

They have shown so many expensive items, that I really lust for, but I'm staying in the no buy zone if at all possible.  If I was a gal, and they were shoes, I would need a bunch wouldn't I?  Well maybe not.

Retired Rod


  1. I have never downloaded Angry Birds, and I am glad I didn't, because I have heard it is very addicting, and I don't need another one! Reading blogs is enough!! :)

  2. Sounds like you almost need some kind of PhD to run that new phone of yours.

    I'm betting Loyce will be riding in the coach next year too!


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