Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Christmas at Home

This day started as I suddenly realized it was 8 AM and we needed to get started on the dinner. Everyone was coming at 12:30 so that started the race to get the meal prepared.

We used to make hand prepared rolls for all the holiday, but now we mix the rolls in the bread maker. We use the same recipe, but let the machine mix and proof the first rise. This all takes time, so that is why we needed to get started early in the morning.

Loyce and I worked steadily and got the Ham in the roaster, and a chicken in the convection roaster. We made scalloped corn with the cornmeal muffin mix and pumpkin bread. And the girls all brought dishes from home as well so we were well fed.

That spiral cut ham turned out nicely, and we sent all the left overs home with the respective families, as we are going to blow out of here as soon as we can.

Everyone scattered for afternoon naps about 4 and we reconvened for second shot at the feast after 6. This time the deserts all came out.

We watched the movie Wall E that I had purchased at Wal Mart. Yea, Wal Mart must have been the model for the super shopping center that drove the world to be such a consumer mess. If you haven’t seen Wall E it is somewhat of a Hollywood depiction of what the Earth could come to, if we continue as total consumers. A green statement for sure, but still cute as the robots are a love story as well. They save the people from exile in their spaceship. They have been gone 700 years.

So its all over for another year, but I sit here reflecting on how fortunate we are to have such a nice family and great grandkids. And by next year we will have another. Isn’t that something? Who would have thought!

Retired Rod

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