Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Car Wash / We find the burger place, almost!

It seems as though we have been disconnected from the web for weeks, instead of only three days.  Judging from all the blogs that were written in that short period of time.

So today was spent reading the internet, once I had paid the $29.95 that tengo internet charges to hook up here in Mesa Spirit.  And we only have two bars of signal as well.  Not only is it weak, it is deathly slow.  So some of my time was spent waiting for the web pages to load.

Spoiled is what I am by the 8.5 M download that I have on the cable back in KC.  But this is all we can get here, so I will have to endure. 

The Satellite TV system had not been hooked to a dish since I was at the lake place several weeks ago, so it had lost its programming.  So the first task, once on line, was the re initialization of the receiver box and associated card.

You can do this on line, but I usually cannot figure out the menu system to get to the necessary screen.  Usually I succumb to calling for help on the phone.  But today I was determined to find the reauthorization on the web site by myself.

I did finally get the job done, but it would suffice to say that I know the Direct TV site a lot better tonight than I did.

By mid afternoon, I could take no more of sitting in the RV so I headed out to get the winter washed off of the car.  I turned the wrong way on Power Road and drove for about three miles to the North, before coming to my senses and heading back to the South and the carwash that hadn’t moved since the last time I was there.  Senior moment!

Later Loyce and I struck out to find the Superstition Springs shopping mall.  This is an old time indoor mall, but one of the surrounding stores is a Fuddruckers hamburger place.  Which I love, and Loyce really like the grilled chicken salad here as well.

We thought we had driven all the way around the place, and failed to find the restaurant.  So we came back home to look it up on the internet and get the address.  It was right there on the North side of the mall, as I put the data into the GPS.

Once we drove back, I found the place and determined that we had not actually driven all the way around.  We has left out a small block between two interchanges, and as all things do work, the restaurant was right there in the middle of the part we left out.

But we had the best meal, and I got sweet potato fries.  This is great for the diabetes, as regular potatoes are full of sugar, and cause all kinds of troubles.  We even got the 10 % senior discount. I guess we do look old, because we didn’t have to ask for it.

But tonight, I am fat and sassy with one of my favorite meals.

Retired Rod

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