Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In trouble at the check outs

It seemed like a simple task. To go to a local store and get a gift card. Well actually two stores and two gift cards. The recipients of the cards read this blog, so I will not name the stores.

The first store was a housewares type of a store. The parking lot was a mess, as there is a big box store in the same complex and I had to do battle with their customers, as well as the smaller store’s folks. But with in a normal amount of time I had a spot and was inside. (After Xmas edit...Bed Bath and Beyond)

Looking for the rack of gift cards, I didn’t spot them. So I got in the checkout line. Upon reaching the register, I was told by the clerk that I had to go to customer service for a gift card.

I was only second in that line, so in not too long of time, I had my gift card.

Now across the street to the bigger specialty shop (after Xmas edit, Dick's Sporting Goods) where I needed the second gift card. Parking here was impossible. So as I often do, I sat close to the front of the store and waited for someone to vacate a good spot. It didn’t take too long and I was inside looking for the cards.

That wasn’t much of a problem, as they were everywhere. On racks in the aisles, on kiosks next to check out counters. On the end caps of the long racks of shelves. I just grabbed one.

I proceeded to march to the service counter like I had done in the previous store, and got a rude awakening. There were about 6 people in line to go thru the register that opposes the service counter, and the lady in the front of the line was hollering hey buddy, you got to wait in line like the rest of us.

But there wasn’t any line at the service counter? Seems that at this particular store, they wait in line back of the actual check out counter and do not advance to the register until the previous customer has left. Kind of like waiting for a bank teller. But what was even more unusual was that the single line was breaking into one person to the register and the second to the service counter, as they were also acting as a check out, because the store was so busy. So without knowing it I was cutting in line.

Here in Kansas City, folks aren’t kinder and gentler people like us lowly Iowans. They tell you straight out what they think. Hey you SOB, blah, blah. Or flip you off in traffic, if you even look like you might do something they don’t approve of. We experienced the same attitude when we were in New York last year, but we sort of expected it there.

I had no idea that folks were that way here, when we came as week end visitors. This area is full of folks that have too much money, and are entitled to not be inconvenienced.

Hope your Christmas shopping was lighter hearted.

Retired Rod

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