Friday, December 12, 2008

Out gadding/shopping!

I was busy today, but can’t remember doing what!  Loyce worked on the quilt that she is making for Caden.  Our oldest grandson.  It is on the cars movie theme and has the center piece of fabric printed with a licensed logo lightening McQueen car. 

We had the two sisters over here from that same family for the morning.  They were all over the place as they played.  Takes us both to watch what they are into.  One goes into the living room while the other is back in the family room, and we never stop following and supervising.

Their dad came back and got them after lunch, so I saw my break, and bolted.  I had to go and get a signature notarized at the bank, and then I went to Harbor Freight.

They had a 400 Watt inverter on sale for $25, that I could not live without.  Of course it is Chinese and I haven’t opened the plastic package yet.  But it is here beside me on the table.  I plan to use it to run these laptops in the car.  Should work just fine as most computers only take about 150 watts.

From there it was over to Wal Mart, to get the makins for a spinach cheese dip to take to the Ham Club meeting tomorrow night.  It has bacon bits, velveta and cream cheese.  Along with the Rotel tomatoes in the crock pot.  Should be good.

That was it for today other than the computer time to read all the blogs, emails and skype conversations.

It was sunny and 45 this afternoon, seemed warm after the last two days of gloom!

Retired Rod

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