Saturday, December 27, 2008

The day after

We were quite warm here today, (Friday) up to 65 by mid afternoon.  It was rainy, and the cold ground caused condensation to appear on everything.

Our garage floor was still so cold, that the rainy humid air condensed on it and made it seem wet.  So wet that you could have used a hose to wet it down and it wouldn’t have been any wetter.

We had our grandson here all day, to help grandma put away the Christmas decorations.  He carefully removed the ornaments from the tree, boxing them for storage.  They are mostly the glass type, and he only broke one, and then that one might have had a crack in it before he handled it.

He went up and down the basement stairs bunches of times, carrying tubs and boxes of the decorations.  Earned himself a trip to McDonalds for a happy meal and an hour playing on the playland. 

Also a big old ice cream cone.  In the afternoon, we watched Wall E again, as I had to explain why things were happening, the way that they were.  He was very interested in the aspect of all the trash that made Earth uninhabitable.

Tonight, his sisters came over and they all played old maid with grandma. Next, they were playing bingo.  By 9 PM it was well past bedtime for all of them so they went home with their mom.

I have been studying the weather for the next ten days, to see if we will have any problems going back to Phoenix.  We will not be able to leave tomorrow, as it will be rain and snow mix here by morning.  We have lightening and thunder outside right now.  Weird having the rain after such a long cold spell.

Tomorrow, we will have to get a move on, to pack things and get ready.

Retired Rod

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