Monday, December 8, 2008

This and that

Again we were taking care of the three year old this morning, and she got up before dawn.  We encouraged her to go back to bed, but I don’t think she ever went back to sleep.

Loyce got up with her at an hour before daylight, and I tried to sleep some more, but that didn’t work.  We played the rest of the morning, until her mom came around noon.

We thought we would go for a ride after she went home, and did go up North to the Riverside area, but Loyce wasn’t feeling the best, so we came back home. That left me watching the football games for the rest of the afternoon.

I did take a moment to read the many stories on the internet about Pearl Harbor.  As a veteran, I am very conscious about the attack that took place 67 years ago.  I was in the Navy Seabees, in Vietnam and traveled thru Hawaii.  Since then I have gone to Hawaii on business many times and have been to the memorial on the Arizona battleship.  It is a very solemn place, and one that you are not likely to forget after you have been there.

Tonight has been spent using the skype to talk back to the Ham friends in Iowa.  We do this all the time, but never seem to tire of the activity.  Good friends are hard to come by, and I am lucky to have these folks.

There seems to be some sort of a large temperature change tonight, as a warm front is between here and Iowa.  It is 22 up there and it is 42 down here.  The front goes right between us.  They are to get snow tomorrow, and we are to have it by Tuesday.  I can’t wait.

But the real deal was that it was only 56 in Phoenix.  There is usually a much larger spread between Arizona and KC.  Sure hope it gets that out of its system before we go back.

With that said, we know that it is colder in Phoenix than it was in Texas where we were last year.  I am hoping that the sun shines more on the desert than it did in Texas.  Man the last two weeks of January in Southern Texas was all overcast and rain.  We will learn this year about the Arizona winter and be able to compare.

I’m about to fall from the chair, remembering how early the grandkid had us up this AM.  See you later.

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  1. Good Morning Rod
    We spent most of last winter in AZ & it is definitely cooler than the Rio Grande Valley. The good news is the SUNSHINE!!!!! There are a few days when a cold front comes thru & you get some rain, but even then, the sun comes out most days.
    Happy Travels SOON! JoAnn


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