Saturday, December 6, 2008

We live on, in the cold Kansas day

We had 14 degrees here overnight.  That seems unusually cold for this early in December.  It was only in the low 20’s when we left for Texas on January 1, 2008.  I wonder if that is a sign that all winter will be 10 degrees colder, or if this is a cold snap that will play out.

Either way it is requiring a lot of heat, and consequently utilities.  I do not think natural gas has fallen much in price like heating oil has, so I am mentally preparing myself for the bills.

We still have the youngest granddaughter here since we got her last (Thursday) night.  Her folks are in Des Moines at the funeral of her great grandfather.  At age 2, she wouldn’t understand the emotional nature of the events and would tire quickly from not being in her normal surroundings.

So she is fine here and sees our crib as her crib over at grandma’s.  We also have a crib at the lake for when they are with us there.  All of the girls have used the cribs as they have grown up.  And now with another little he or she on the way for next summer, the cribs will remain a fixture in our landscape.

Today was spent doing further research on stocks and bonds, that might be worthy of ownership.  I really do not have that much to buy stocks with, but have been actively seeking positions that will recover in the playout of this negative cycle.

Once my position change orders were placed, just as the market had a mid afternoon rally, I left the house for a haircut.  Haven’t had one of those since mid October, and I was beginning to feel like a mop.  Lol.  It was 32 outside, burrrr!

After the haircut and buying gas on the Missouri side, 1.379 as the barber is over in Mo., I went to home depot.  I needed another 50 foot of 12 gage drop cord.  Last week when I was using the generator, I learned that all my heavy cords were in the trailer, and that is in Arizona right now.

If we should need that generator for real, not having a cord adequate to get the power inside the house would be rather stupid on my part.  Especially when I knew about the problem already.

This evening Loyce wanted to do some of her power shopping at the local fabric shop/shops.  So I drew front line babysitter duty, making supper and convincing the 2 year old that she should eat it.  But grandpa is weak and provided chocolate milk and then some ice cream for dessert.  We had to spend much of the evening watching sponge bob, which is her family’s favorite evening entertainment.

She sat on the arm of my chair saying spun wob gampa, and pointing at the TV screen.  She must have repeated that a hundred times.  I hope I can live long enough to see these kids grow up!

Retired Rod

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