Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Trip To KC

I went over to a park last Friday and tried to take a picture of the sunset as it was low in the sky.  At 4:30 in the afternoon, here in KC the sun was on the horizon, and should have been quite bright into the camera, but we are low enough and far enough North, that the sun is mostly gray and dark.DSCN0701 

This is looking over a new sports complex that is being built.  It has about a dozen soccer fields and the softball fence in the background.   It is hard to be positive on such days of gloom.   But I thought the clouds were interesting.

This morning when I got up, there was no sun over the lake, in fact you couldn’t see the other side of the lake from our deck.  White fog!  But then I had a bunch of domestic chores to get done anyway, so sitting around and looking at the lake was out.

But at about 10 AM a wall of solid sleet and misty rain came in from the North covering the ground with pelty ice crystals.  Opps better get the hey outa here.

We have this large straight up hill behind the house, and if you get snow and ice on it you could be caught in the garage until it melts.  I packed things in a instant, and headed out.

I drove fairly quickly out of the sleet and thought I was going to make KC before the bad stuff hit,  WRONG!

After leaving Knob Knoster, Mo.  I ran head into the wall of the storm.  It was freezing rain and sleet.  I snapped this picture out of the window of the car.


In about another mile all heck broke loose.  The truck you see in front of me spun out of control sliding into the median of the divided road.  He then flipped upside down and skidded back up onto the road on his top in front of me.   His head lights were facing me even though he was traveling away from me.

That spooked the guy behind me who slammed on his brakes, which made him spin wildly out of control coming right for my back end.  I let off the gas when the fellow in front came back up on the road, but had to accelerate to get away from the guy from behind.  At that time the fellow in front slid off into the right ditch and ended up on his driver side door.

I was afraid to stop, as others were behind all of this and I am sure had their own problems not sliding into the mess.  In about a mile, I met a whole slew of emergency vehicles going the other way.  Since I wasn’t involved, I didn’t go back.  But Slooooow on into KC was the order for the rest of the trip.

After all of that hurry to get back to KC, the grand daughter’s program was cancelled.  Could have stayed at the lake.

We have dropped into the cellar for temperatures here tonight and will be in the teens by morning.  We had about 2 inches of snow on top of the ice, and it is a winter wonderland now.

I went over to Wal Mart tonight and bought another portable heater for the house here, or perhaps I will take it to the trailer when we go.DSCN0705  

It is oil filled and will not burn anything if it gets too close.  I have one like it at the lake and used it there yesterday.  I had forgotten how well it worked.  So now as is usually the case I have two, one for each place.

Perhaps it will keep the gas furnace from running continually.  Oh the joys of winter!

Retired Rod

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