Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Crafty Day

We saw the sun today!  Yea!  It was very cold overnight down to 12 degrees at 6 AM, just before sunrise.  I was still wrapped in my trusty blanket so I didn’t much care. LOL.

By late this afternoon, we had made it to 31 for the high, but the sun was melting the snow from the house and cars.  I stayed inside for the day working on Loyce’s honey do’s. 

Would you see if you can put some screws in this craft project?  Now that that is done, can you put the legs on these baskets?  Will you bring the Christmas tree up from the basement?  I did take some time out for lunch.

By late in the afternoon, I sat down to read a few blogs, and promptly fell asleep.  I don’t usually nap, but sometimes it sneaks up on a fellow.

I just looked, and we are to go down to a low of 19 tonight again.  That new heater is getting a workout.  I do not think it has gone off at all since I connected it last night.  It has to be cheaper than the natural gas that the furnace uses.

When we get down to 20, the gas heater comes on right along even though the electric is running too.  Its only 1500 watts for 5,000 btu’s so it can’t begin to heat the place, but it will help slow the gas usage I hope.

Loyce reminded me that in a little over two weeks we will be loaded and out of here for Arizona.  Glad to see that going back to Arizona is a positive, and is on her mind too.

Retired Rod

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