Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I awoke this morning and heard my neighbor out in his driveway spinning his tires trying to get up his slope to the garage.  It was just about dawn, but the thick cloud cover was obscuring the sky.

I knew in an instant that the snow was here.  The heat was pounding in the furnace in the basement, and it never stopped.  Cold!  Kansas City in the winter, has only one speed on these mornings, dead slow.  But being retired, I had no where to be.  I sat and watched the neighbors from the second story bedroom.

We had about three inches on the ground by mid morning and it didn’t stop until about 2 in the afternoon.  I shoveled in about 20 minute segments, coming back inside and warming between times.  It took about four times outside to get things clean, but it kept snowing on the parts that I just did.

By 2 in the afternoon, I had the car running and the heater was melting the Ice off the windows.  I tried to scrape the mess, but it was stuck and frozen stiff.  Windows wouldn’t move, doors stuck shut.

I went over to Wal Mart to warm up the car, but the streets hadn’t been plowed at all, so the going was slow.  Bought one Christmas present and a hamburger at the Wendy’s in the outer perimeter of the parking lot.

I decided to go back home, as I didn’t want to get hit by the folks that were frantically trying to be somewhere on a schedule.

Maybe tomorrow they will have the streets cleaned up and things will be back to normal.  What ever that might be in the pre Christmas rush.

Loyce continues to spend her days working on the quilt project.  Hope she comes up for air soon.

Retired Rod

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