Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not much warmer!

Hey I just looked and we are up to 9 degrees!  That’s the warmest we have been all day.  We were down to 3 degrees at 6 AM, and we have slooowly risen to the 9 we have now.

The wind did die down some, so that makes the cold more tolerable, when you go outside.  The heat is still running every other minute and that will be bad for the old heat bill come the first of the month.

We are to have snow tomorrow but may warm up into the 20’s.  That will seem almost warm.  Not really!

We both stayed by the fire with Loyce working on her quilt that she needs to get done for Christmas, and I have been an internet rat again today.  Never did turn on the TV.  Don’t watch that much, but Loyce has it going up in her sewing room most of the day.

I did roast a chicken in the portable glass convection oven in the afternoon, along with the classic green bean casserole, and a fresh loaf of bread in the bread maker.  That was some real comfort food in the cold weather.

From reading some of the blogs, it sounds like the winds in Arizona took a toll on the RVer’s, rocking their rigs for most of the night on Saturday.  So not everything is perfect in the old campgrounds.  Lol

Tomorrow we will be out shoveling snow!  Ah life on the Kansas prairie!

Retired Rod

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