Friday, December 19, 2008

Credit? Not today!

I had quite a startle today.  It seems that when I went to pay for some items at Wal Mart, the American Express was declined.  I ran it again, thinking it must be a mistake.  Declined!

Cool, I fished out another card and paid.  But what the hey?  So I drove over to the local fuel stop and passed the card thru the gas pump, See the attendant!  Aw cr----p!  My card is a debit AmEx that charges the purchases directly to the brokerage house that issued it.  It has to be good, doesn’t it?

So I come home and make the frantic call to the brokerage.  They are all at lunch.  So I take the chance and explain my problem to the receptionist and she takes it all down and says someone will get back to me.

When the broker calls me back, it seems that the bank that runs the AmEx card thinks that our card number has been breached.  So they cancelled the card.  We have no fraudulent charges, and it is only possibly breached, but they took no chances.  They are protecting me.  That is good, but that sure made me look like a criminal in the Wal Mart check out line.

The guy behind me gave me one of those judgmental looks over his glasses that communicated how he felt about fellows like me trying to take advantage of the system.  If I was way over my credit limit, why would I be in line slowing him up? You know that look.

The whole reason that I was at Wal Mart in the first place was to get some Christmas cards made from pictures that were taken at the Cookie Party from last Saturday.  Had to have the wife go back and pick them up, with her charge card.  Oh well.

So today was spent on the phone to the broker and back and forth to the store.  Loyce did write out all of the cards late this afternoon and mail them off tonight.  Another thing off our list as we get closer to packing the car to go back to Phoenix.

Retired Rod


  1. I know the feeling well. Ours was comprimised and it's scary. It ended up with identify theft. Be thankful they caught it. It's no fun trying to prove who you are.

  2. Wouldn't it be nice for them to let you know they're doing this instead of going through the humiliation in line at Walmart? I guess it's not easy to do though. Glad they're protecting you.

    I remember buying windows for the house and put on my Visa so I could collect points. It was well over $10,000 so Visa declined as I've never put that amount of $$$ on my Visa. I guess that was good. I called them and they put it through.


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