Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cars Movie Quilt

Loyce came down stairs this morning and declared “It’s Done!”

The quilt project that has taken most of her free time since we came back from Phoenix is finished.  It started as a smaller quilt, and has grown into a complete bedspread size for a queen bed.


This is spread out on our bedroom floor, and is over 7 feet wide.  It covers a queen bed and down the sides far enough to cover the mattress.  They will need a sham over the box spring.  She made it long enough to tuck in over the pillows as well.  It is somewhere around 10 feet long.

It is quilted in the ditch, as Loyce explained, that means it is quilted on the seam lines where the top sheet was pieced together.  The wheels were made separately and appliqued to the panel underneath. 

I really can not explain much more as I am not a quilter, but have spent enough time going to the stores as the dutiful husband to be dangerous.

We took it over to grandson Caden’s bedroom tonight and he was thrilled.  He has watched as pieces have been slowly sewn together, but at age soon to be 7, it is hard for him to imagine the completed project.

Loyce spent the last day and a half finishing the black binding around the outside edge.  Quilting the layers together was a big job since she has a normal short arm sewing machine and the fabric had to be gathered and passed through the arm as she sewed.

Long arm machines are many, many dollars, and we do not know how to justify such a purchase.  Unless it was entertainment, kind of like the pontoon boat.

Retired Rod

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  1. What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure your grandson will treasure it.

    My Mom was also a quilter and I have 2 quilts with me that she made.


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