Thursday, December 4, 2008

Its cold here now! Canada’s Coalition!!

Tonight is the first time that we have had really cold temperatures. Oh we have dropped down into the freezing temps several times, and some of those times were when we were in Arizona. This is the first time that it went below freezing in the afternoon and is headed for the basement tonight.

Our heat has switched to gas from the heat pump about sundown and is running most constantly. That won’t be good for the gas bill for this month. It is about 22 here now and is to be in the teens before morning.

We have the three year old grand daughter here tonight, and she has spent the day with us. Grandma went and got her mid morning from her preschool. We spent the day playing with the toys and mostly working on the kitchen table with paper, colors and scissors. She really likes to cut up construction paper.

She will be here in the morning, and we will see if she goes to school, or stays here again for the day.

Since Loyce has a dental appointment in the afternoon, it may make me the sitter. I am alright with that, but it will slow down any projects that might require leaving the house.

This evening in the RV-Dreams chat room, the Canadian friends were chatting among themselves as to what they thought of the Coalition. I didn’t understand the gravity of the matter to which they referred. So with some internet searching, I am now much more informed.

I tried to look up the problem in the US News media, but as usual we are so self centered in this country, we do not even report on things of the largest magnitude that happen across our Northern border.

I can not begin to report the gravity of the matter, but it appears as though the parliament is about to toss out the prime minister that was just popularly elected six weeks ago. That would be the equal of the members of Congress tossing out Obama. Wouldn’t happen here. Or it would cause absolute social chaos.

In order to get this done, the Liberal party has formed a coalition with the Quebec separatist party that wants to split the country into French Quebec and the rest of Canada. The liberals are joining with folks that want the dissolution of the country. The people of Canada can’t let that happen.

The last time we had that happen in the US, we ended up with the Confederacy and fought a Civil War over it. Lets pray that that doesn’t happen to Canada. The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, is planning to suspend the parliament, until they have a new budget. Or perhaps until something makes some sense in Canadian government.

This is not good for the US either. We would be forced to take sides, which could not be in our best interest. Can you believe that something of this magnitude is going on in Canada and our news people don’t even report it? Harpers Address to the country!

We need to get our head out of the sand here in the US.

Retired Rod


  1. Thank you, Rod. I appreciate you taking the time and interest to look up the problems that our country is going through right now. Hopefully the Governor General will suspend Parliament today until the end of January for the Christmas break. If she doesn't, Stephen Harper will resign and we'll be in a Coalition Government. You're right, that's not good!

    Anyway, I appreciate your interest!

  2. Let me echo Sandra's comment. It is great to know that at least one American citizen is attempting to understand our concerns. It appears that the Prime Minister was successful in suspending Parliament for 7 weeks, hopefully that will give them time to come up with a budget that will satisfy all concerns. And maybe cooler heads will prevail.



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