Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gone with the winds!

Remember how it was 65 here yesterday?  At about 5:30 AM we had a change   in the weather.  It was still overcast and warm with rain, when all of a sudden we had severe straight line winds from the Northwest. 

It is hard to guess the speed from under your pillow, but folks had all their trash out for collection.  These winds were strong enough to launch all the trash into the upstairs windows of the house.  The NOA observed winds said gusts of 37 mph but it was more like 60 here.  I was told it flipped an airplane on the airport South of us one mile.

Stuff was all over the place, with our trash can blown down the street by 5 houses.  Loyce went scurrying after the bin and brought it home.  Trees are broken and uprooted in the countryside South of our subdivision, and the neighborhoods are a mess with trash all over the place.

The truck did come at 8:30 like he normally does, but folks hadn’t cleaned up their yards yet, and of course, they only take things piled neatly for them to toss into the truck.  So the stuff that wasn’t in a neat pile was left behind.

As soon as the wind was over the temperature returned to 30, and the rain continued. 

After supper the rain became snow.  We met for a little going away party, at 5 guys hamburger shop.   I got the regular burger with the works, and a big fry that several of us shared.  Burppppp!

Lets hope this snow is cleared off the roads by tomorrow!!

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