Sunday, December 7, 2008

Traded Granddaughters

Now that title should turn some heads.  Not exactly like trading horses or cars though.

What I should say is we lost the two year old to her mommy, when they got back from Des Moines.  She was really excited to see her mommy and yelled MOMMY!!! at the top of her lungs, when her mother arrived.

But at about the same time, we gained the three year old granddaughter as her parents are going to a Christmas party tonight, and will not come home until very late or should I say early.  LOL!

I wonder if my son is wearing the lampshade yet?  He seems to be a hit at some of these functions, and I won’t say anything more, because he reads these blogs.

Tonight we went out to the local Aldi grocery store to get some of their products which we have used for a number of years.  Aldi is cheap, no question about it, but they are generic things like can goods and paper towels, so if you can’t tell the difference why pay the difference?

We had $70 worth of purchases and it filled up the back of the car.  We do follow the rule that if there is a premium grade offered, you should go ahead and get it.  You are at Aldi, and cheapening down the already cheaper products doesn’t make sense.

So then we went to Fuddruckers for a good, hand ground, hand made bun, hamburger.  I don’t know how many of these old restaurants are sill around, but we like the burger and tolerate the old restaurant.  The grand daughter had the big kids hot dog, and french fries.  Came with the cookie of her choice that is baked on premise as well.  And a big lemonade!  She was in heaven.

So another day in Loyce’s romper room passes into the sunset.

Retired Rod

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