Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lake Ozark solitude!

Loyce offered the opportunity for me to see how things at the lake were going by myself. That means she didn’t want to go! LOL.

So after paying some bills that needed attention, I saddled the trusty Carolla, and headed out.  It was overcast and about to break into rain.  Sprinkles on the windshield were evident for the first hour of travel. 

But long about 4 PM I broke out into a mostly cloudy day that had some patches of yellow sun.  That seems to chase the blue feeling away, as I rounded the home stretch on the backwoods roads into the Lake’s North shore.

It was 57 degrees and still seemed as though it could rain at any moment, as I opened the house.  We hadn’t been here since mid October, so I was prepared for any problem.

It was only 47 inside the house as the heat was set on 45.  The same insulation that keeps the heat in, also keeps the cold in, when the day warms outside.  I kicked on the electric heat.  Its forced air over resistance elements.  Like a dryer, so it is expensive and not too efficient. 

To help in the warm-up process, I turned on the oven with the door open, and started a portable space heater.  It ran and ran.  The water was turned off the last time we left, so it had to be turned on and the air bled from the system.  Filling the traps on each sink and toilet.  Nothing frozen and no leaks!

All in all everything was fine.  Once I secured the oven auxiliary heat, I left for the Bandana’s Bar B Que.  Long time readers know about my passion for the dry rub meats.  That would be Memphis style.  Not popular in KC.

So tonight I have read a mailbox full of newspapers, and watched some TV.  Its really quiet here by myself, out in the woods.  The neighbors are here on the North side, but I haven’t seen them.  There are Christmas lights on the largest house across the cove.  Those folks are from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and appear to be living here now on a more full time basis.  We have never met.  That’s sad, but the road to their side is not the same as ours, and hollering across the water doesn’t work too well.

Tomorrow, I will go down to the dock and see how the pontoon boat has faired in the last six weeks.  If all is well, I will be back on the road for home, by noon.  Loyce has a Christmas program that we are to attend for the three year old granddaughter.

Retired Rod

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