Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shirt Hunt

Yesterday when I was shopping at Wal Mart, I bought an insulated shirt that is Like a T shirt with a Polo style placket and three buttons down the front. It has no collar, but is nicer and warmer than a standard T shirt.

I would have bought more, but they only had one it the giant size that I need. Well in the colors that I would wear anyway. So this morning, I set out, to go on the great Wal Mart circle, looking for more shirts. You know, in the right colors. LOL.

I drove to Gardner, a town about 8 miles South of our house and went to their Wal Mart. I found one dark gray in the 2X but nothing else. So then I drove up to old Olathe, where they just built a new Wal Mart. This store is still catching on, but there were oodles of cars outside.

They had the complete display, with not many shirts sold. And hey, they are on sale here for $2.50 off. And yah, they had the gray one I just bought, at the reduced price too. Darn! Can't drive back down there and back for the $2.50. But I got a darker beige and a medium blue. So I now have four total. That will be plenty, as I am hoping they will be too warm for Arizona.

They are long sleeve and will be too much in the sun during the afternoon. But Arizona has its days where it rains most of the day and never warms up too much, and they will be perfect for that.

I went from there over to where we store the RV, thinking I would put the tongue lock on the utility trailer. My son had parked it where the big trailer goes, thinking it would deter folks from taking our spot. He had put his lock on the trailer, and I didn't have the keys.

So over to Chris' house to get the key, and we hatched a plan to get Mexican at Mi Ranchita. This is in an old Pizza Hut in old Olathe. One of our many Mexican restaurants that we frequent here in Kansas. Old Olathe has been almost totally taken over by folks moving from South of the border. So the food at these establishments is very authentic.

Once we had downed our Chimichangas, and had the locks changed on the trailer, I dropped him back off at his house.

Loyce spent the day with two of the granddaughters. They made cookies, and had fun times doing gal stuff. I was not here to see exactly what, as I had left a short time after they arrived.

Tomorrow we have the third granddaughter coming, so Loyce will be busy again. Tough duty, but somebody will have to do it.

Retired Rod

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