Saturday, December 20, 2008

Waiting at home, not so patiently

This was a strange day.  I was under house arrest.  Well it seemed that way.  I had to wait for the FedEx delivery, and be here to sign for the package.  The overnight with the new credit card in it.

I waited patiently all morning, and until after lunch hour.  No overnight.  I called the brokerage and we called the credit card company together.  Supplying all the necessary info to get the tracking number.  Found that the envelope was in KC and on the truck out for delivery.  That’s good just wait some more.

3 PM still no delivery.  4 PM call back to the brokerage, but the broker had gone home!  His assistant was still there, but she knew nothing of the story and what we were trying to find, or why.  I started over to explain the whole thing.

She did some checking and said she would call me back.  4:30 I gave up hope and assumed that it would be Monday before the the card was replaced.  Dug in my wallet to see if I still had other cards that were current.  Mad at myself for allowing such a situation.

You take for granted something that has worked so well for several years.  4:45, the account assistant was back on the phone, explaining that the FedEx people were way behind, but that they wouldn’t give up until they delivered all the overnights.

While I was still on the line, the doorbell rang, it was after 5 PM.  Miraculously the driver was at my door explaining that they were way behind because of the storms and Christmas.  Instantly all was well in the world.

I thanked the lady at the brokerage several times for checking for me, and I guess caring that this is a problem for me.

When you are retired and the brokerage firm represents all you have in the whole world, and that becomes compromised,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  

Tonight I went over to Wal Mart and bought Wall E the Disney Pixar movie.  Watched it on the laptop.  The kids will like that during the Christmas get together.  Took my mind off of the events of the day!

Retired Rod

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