Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Market Nose dive!

I spent the morning and some of the afternoon watching the market take a nose dive. I made my trades early on not realizing that the opening would be the high for the day. If only we could know just a little, to help with the trend.

But then we would only buy on an up market, and sell just before a down. Not going to happen! So you need to get what you want and then walk away for the rest of the day.

So about 2PM I set the laptop on the floor and went out and got into the car. I was headed to GNC to buy some Alpha Lipoic Acid. I'm not a health food nut, or a free radical eliminator, or anything like that. But, it is reported that ALA reduces the pain in your feet and legs from neuropathy. And I am all over that outcome.

The guy behind the counter had big pipe arms and weighed about a buck eighty. Damn I hate his type. I wonder if he takes all this stuff. And right away he started in that there was another product, that did a far better job on the free radicals. I politely said I wanted this product, but he couldn't let it go.

Then the whole explination had to come out. That they really didn't know why this helped but that it did. So I couldn't substitute. He still liked his choice better. I became quiet and had him ring it up.

To my surprise he offered a coupon, that he had on the back counter to give me 15% off, and rang it up cheaper. Now if it will work, he will sell me a lot more.

I have tried this before and it does seem to help, but then I get off of it and forget that I have it. The pain returns so often, that you tend to forget and resort to stronger prescription meds, and leave the over the counter stuff behind.

I then went to my daily store. The one you seem to go to every day. Wal Mart! With the story about the trampled and killed maintenance worker who unlocked the door at 5AM in New York on my mind, I went in. What a spookey thing to have happen over a 42 inch flat pannel TV for $799.

I bought some long sleeve T shirts and came on home.

Tonight it has been blogs as I got wound up in historical posts of Blah, Blah, Ginger. She is remodeling a one hundred year old home in the center (el Centro) of Merida, Mex. Her explanations of the language barier and problems getting money into Mexico, or out of the US is facinating.

Tonight we learned that my daughter in law's grandfather had passed away in his home. He was in his 80's so that isn't a surprise, but still is unexpected. We will have the grandkids more this week, as Ben and Danielle go to the celebration of his life. Jerry is with God now, his worldly troubles are over.

Retired Rod

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