Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookie Party

This is the day that happens each year before Christmas. The Cookie Party! We have all girls and one grandson as grand kids. And since our kids were both boys, we have two daughter-in-laws.

On a Saturday before Christmas, this all girl party and Caden, assembles to make cookies. Sugar cookies that are cut out of dough, baked and then decorated with frosting and candy pieces for the eyes and so forth.

Our grandson Caden puts up with his sisters and cousin and plays along fairly well, because he can sneak as many cookies as possible when his mother isn't looking. And bang down the hatch.

Now I tried to stay out of the way, as much as possible, and sat in the corner reading the internet, until the two year old tired of the cookie activity and came to play with grandpa.

By a little after 1, the kids were all tired and left to their respective homes. Cookies in tow.

I got hooked up in the History Channel and spent much of the day watching the multiple hour long history of the FDR administration. That is before I was born, but only by a few years, so I find it fascinating.

Now I am catching up on all the blogs that I didn't read during the day.

Check this out on Laurie and Odel's blog. Its a fifth wheel fire. Make sure your electric heater's tip over switch is working.

Retired Rod

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