Friday, December 5, 2008

Canadian Parliament Shut Down/We have more Grandkids here

Since I started this topic last night, I feel compelled to inform that today the Canadian Prime Minister did go to the Governor General and suspended the Parliament of Canada for almost two months.

This will delay the no confidence vote that the opposition parties plan to have.  Opposition plans to get around this somehow, but have not found the vehicle yet.  This will only delay the inevitable.  If the coalition of parties remains in tact and are set to vote Mr. Harper out, I wonder how he can stop it. 

The people of Canada just voted him in about 7 weeks ago, but the people must not have the final say in who their PM is.  We need to continue to watch,as this has never happened before.

I did find some coverage on this in MSNBC in their world news, but the author seemed unsure of the story.  Like me, he is unsure of the form of Government, and we both need a civics class in the British Parliament’s procedures.

Still all the US folks seem to have the so what attitude.  Won’t effect us!  So Sad.

Today, first we had the three year old, and then the two year old.  For a while they overlapped and were here at the same time.  Cousins that are only one year apart.  They chased each other all through the house.  They both had just gotten up from their naps and had an unlimited burst of energy.

Now grandpa never has a burst of energy, and I had just returned from waiting at the Wal Mart pharmacy window for a prescription that I had called in four hours before I arrived.  No matter, it hadn’t been filled yet.  Come back in a half an hour.  So I sat on the bench right in front of the window where they could see me.

That doesn’t bother them, I’m sure, but at least I felt like I was getting some mileage out of it.

So rather than a burst of energy, I felt like I needed a nap.  Not to be though.  So tonight we have the two year old overnight.  Lets hope she sleeps in some in the morning.


  1. Glad to see you are following our issues. One of the things the coalition has stated they would do is implement a Green Tax on the Canadian Oil Industry, so as the largest supplier of energy to the US it will certainly have an impact on our neighbours to the south.

  2. "Still all the US folks seem to have the so what attitude. Won’t effect us! So Sad."

    I can't say I followed it closely enough, but I did forsee some desturbing parallels as of yesterday when our Republicans are now the victims in a coup of our own.

    Even our liberals here still have the "so what?" attitude.

    I'm getting a civics education the hard way too. Not so hard as our looney left who have no concept of governing or economic principles in the first place.

    I just hope Obama taught them proper concepts of civil disobediance lest they default to Bill Ayers' approach.

    It's 'thermal runnaway' like a boiler that gets hot more efficiently as the pressure builds.
    ie The more libiots throw money at 'teaching', so to speak, the more libiots are 'teachers', recruiting unprincipled, disrepectful sabotuers instead of indoctinating principles alone.

    The U.S. epitaph might be "Faulty Relief Valve".

    Best wishes to you and yours, sir,

    Your brother in the Americas,


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