Thursday, December 18, 2008


We saw the sun today! It wasn’t out too much in the morning, but the overcast was thin. You could almost see thru it. It wasn’t much warmer than we had been yesterday, but when the clouds dissipated and old mister yellow appeared, my mood changed immediately.

I called son Chris on the phone and reminded him that we were going to do Mexican over in Belton for the last several days. He said ”Boy you don’t give a guy much of a lead time do you.”

Now I had to clear that I was going out with Loyce. She instantly said she needed to get out of here too. So the three of us were headed to the Missouri side to get Mexican.

There are numerous Mexican restaurants in Kansas, and really close to our home, but I have a problem with these so called restaurants. Over in Belton, the folks speak Spanish to each other, and the bus help can’t speak much English. The menu is truly items as they are prepared in Mexico, by a cook that doesn’t speak English.

The waiters are all bi lingual, but they all smile when you order in their native language. We ate there a lot last summer when we were selling the cars, and they know who we are. Not that our Spanish is any good mind you, but they will help us if we are not quite right.

We all ended up having the burrito (they call it a burro) with rice and beans. Loyce had chicken, and Chris and I had carne (beef). We ate a zillion chips which the fry up right before you get them. Still hot as they are brought to your table. They do serve salsa as we make it instead of the pico de gallo found in Mexico.

I was stuffed, and then we drove through the country South of KC on our way back. It seemed warmer even though it was only in the low twenties. Sunshine is intoxicating.

Tonight we are back in the teens and the furnace is blasting away some more. Somehow it doesn’t seem so cold, since we weren’t stuck at home all day in the gray snowy fog.

Tomorrow will be freezing rain all day and into the night, but we will live that when it gets here.

Retired Rod

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