Thursday, March 12, 2009

And the rain came, Kerrville, Tx

It started to rain again last night, as we went to bed in Fort Stockton.  Not hard at first, just slow and steady.  By the middle of the night, it was still raining.  And then we got up about 8 and it was still raining.

Loyce found my plastic poncho, and I went out after breakfast to put things away.  You all know the drill, sewer, water hose, electric cord.  Put up the stabilizer feet.  All in the pouring rain.

We were off before 10, but we only had about 265 miles today, so time was not a problem.  But as we drove, the rain became a deluge at times.  So heavy that the wipers couldn’t clear the windshield.  We slowed to 40 at times because the road was covered with water, and making us hydroplane.

The speed limit on I 10 is 80.  And folks feel that is the minimum.  They are all indignant if you only do 60 pulling your big old RV.  Trucks are limited to 70, but they pretty much keep up with the cars.

We kept at it steady, but not fast, 55, 60 sometimes 65 on a down hill stretch.  Stopped for gas after about 125 miles, and rested.  Then back at it. 

In one of the worst areas where the canyons and hills seem never ending, we came upon all kinds of lights.  A policeman standing under a bridge making a motion to slow down by pushing the palms of his hands towards the ground.

We were only going 30, but he wanted much slower.  An accident, I turned on the 4 way flashers, and pushed on at about 15.  Then under the next bridge we came to the problem.  A SUV had lost it and slid into the center median and rolled several times and was upside down in the center of our lane.  Not a window in the vehicle, and their stuff was all over the ditch and road.

The folks were in the ambulance, so we had no way of knowing how badly they were hurt.  Loyce let out a cry on the 2 way radio, as she relived our roll over last month.  But we were not going 80, barely 60, and we only rolled over on our top.  And just once.  This thing had rolled several times.

Folks were stopped all over the place, so we pressed on.  Too fresh in our minds to try and help these folks.  Nothing we could have done to help anyway, as some of the folks were already in the way.

We arrived here in Kerrville by about 3 and set up in light rain.  Didn’t unhook the truck, as the rain began to come down again in earnest.

By 5, we made the Wal Mart run, into Kerrville.  You know, just to make sure it was close by.  Security!  But then we went to Cracker Barrel and had some comfort food.  Chicken Steak with potatoes and gravy.  A million calories.  But I feel so pleasantly full…….

I got into the RV Dreams chat room later tonight, to admit to the multitudes that we were here.  They still have a whole bunch of folks here and group activities planned.  We were instantly invited to go along.

Its about 39 outside and the rain has never let up.  I thought I would go walk the dog, but not without a scuba suit.   The forecast low tonight was 41 but we have already passed that.  Better turn the heat up.

Retired Rod

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