Friday, March 6, 2009

More projects

Slow days continue here in Mesa. I continued on my quest to get the RV ready to move to newer experiences. Today was the check the tires day.

Now what could that be, just go check them right. Well not exactly, more like unload all the stuff out of the back of the truck, and get to the air compressor. Then sort out the 12 gauge drop cord that powers it. The little 16 gauge cords will blow out the protection breaker on the compressor before it gets up to 100 lbs, and you are not sure why it quits running. Took me a while to figure that one out.

So while going around to check all the tires, and airing them, it is necessary to bring in the big slide on the drivers side of the trailer. Just a push of the button, except, all the inside stuff inside needs to be moved so the slide can slide in. So that must be why it took an hour to air the tires. But they are now all up to pressure, and ready to go.

Also I checked the battery on the tongue to make sure the water hadn’t cooked away, since we have sat here for four months hooked to the electric box. That’s a lot of charging. But the battery is protected from the charger with a separate circuit, and the water level is just as it was last fall. And I am much relieved to find that our converter does in fact “float” the battery, not cook it to death.

I think we are mostly ready to move, and I saw the campground guy out reading our meter on the electric box. We are not going until Monday, so does that mean we are free to use all we want, or do they assume how much you will use by then. I will read it myself to see how they do that.

We spent the afternoon out South of town in the new part of Gilbert, as Loyce has found a JoAnn’s that she likes there. She could go every day. Good thing we have the larger car now, because it will be really full on the way home.

It was overcast and cooler here today as we were only in the early 70s for a high. It was just as warm in central Iowa, but we didn’t cool off too much as the sun went down, where Iowa was back in the 40’s after dark.

We are all on the down hill side of the winter now.

Retired Rod

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