Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow is Melting, and the Truck is home.

We went below freezing at about midnight last night, and reached a low of 26 degrees.  It was below freezing for over 10 hours, so I was glad that I had winterized the rig.  I would have been worried the entire time if I hadn’t, and spent even more time checking it out for damage today.

Loyce was up with the dog at daylight this morning, as she is blind, and doesn’t remember the snow at all.  She has spent the last two winters in Texas and Arizona.  So the trip outside to do her job has been problematic.

Once outside, Loyce grabbed the snow shovel and worked for over an hour cleaning the driveway and the back porch.  I went out after she gave up, and did the sidewalks and the rest of the driveway.

Next it was back over to the mall parking lot to see about the frozen truck.  Still wouldn’t budge out of park gear.  So I did a very unmanly thing.  I hate to admit this!  Surely I will be struck dead by the great ultra ego.  I read the instruction manual that Ford had so graciously left in the glove box.

Seems that they anticipate you might need to manually release the shift lever out of Park.  “With a screw driver, pry off the center console cover around the gear shift lever, and on the lower left, next to the lever there is a white release button.”  Well you don’t say!

So the button was liberated from under its cover and pressed.  The shift lever was released from its locked position and the truck started up with the lever in Neutral.  Yea!

I managed to back away from the curb and drive around the outer circle of the Mall twice, warming the truck up.  Once back by the car, I shifted back into park, and it came back out as though nothing was ever wrong.

I went and got Chris, and he helped me jockey the cars back to our house.  At dusk tonight, the water is still dripping out from under the transmission area of the truck and running down the street.  We were up to 47 this afternoon, and it is not supposed to freeze  again until Wednesday night.  The snow should be gone by then.

Loyce and I went out this afternoon on a KC area quilt store shop hop, looking for some more “Paper Doll Fabric”  that she had called all over for.  We got some at a shop over in Independence, Mo, and she is happy about that.

Tomorrow, we hope to pack the car up and go off to the lake cabin in Lake Ozark.  We have not been there since November, and we will hold our breath all the way down, wondering what we will find when we get there.

It will be what it will be.

Retired Rod

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