Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Sitting, Washing and Desert

Our youngest grand daughter came to the RV today to hang out with grandma, and Grandpa too.  So we did regular stuff around the camper when you are headed out the next day.

We were not hooked up to the truck, so that took a half an hour.  And then we had the awning out and it was covered with leaves.  So that needed to be swept clean and rolled up. You know all the stuff that needs put away.  It took four days to get it all out but now it needs stowed all at once.

We went and did one more load of washing to get old grandpa’s clothes clean, and I think we can leave now.

We had a good dinner at the Big Fisherman with Ben, Danielle and the kids, and said our see ya’s, back in KC.  Yes we are really going there.

Then tonight, we were invited for desert at John and Brenda’s motorhome, and had pear crisp, with ice cream.  lots of brown sugar.  Mmmm good.  There were six of us there with Dennis and Denice as the third couple, also from Canada, and they also spent the winter in Arizona.  So we had much in common.

Some was laughter, and some was serious, as we got to know each other much better.  We stayed later than we should have and owe an apology to our hosts for not having the good sense to leave.  But there were more subjects to go over!  Thanks For having us, we had a lot of fun!

We hope to find these folks in the same campground soon.  And will read their blog daily, looking for any opportunity, you know, to make that helpful comment at the appropriate time,  LoL.

Tomorrow we head North, and I have not selected a place to call it quits for the day.  Depends on how fast we get out of here and how we feel as we drive North.  So until we get connected to the internet again, have a good day!

Retired Rod

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  1. Had a great visit hope to see you down the road next winter. Safe travels. Brenda


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