Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Day of Driving, West, Tx

So where in the world is West, Texas?  We are here, and there is a bunch of highway noise all around, so we must be near the interstate.  Well yes that would be I 35 over there out our front door.

We left the Last Resort, at the crack of 10 AM.  Seems like no matter what time we get up, we always can mess around until ten.  John and Brenda were out to wish us safe traveling, and see ya later.  We’ll miss these folks.   We headed West on Tx 188 to Sinton, and then North on Highway 77. 

This road runs from Brownsville, Harlingen, Corpus Christi, and then North for miles and miles.  Today we saw those miles and miles.  Crossed I 10 about halfway between San Antonio and Houston.  Then the afternoon began to drag as it seemed we would never get to Waco.  But we did!

Waco was a zoo as it was about 4 in the afternoon and the traffic was wall to wall in both directions.  So we did what we do when the traffic is too bad.  We stopped!

West, Texas is 18 miles North of Waco.  We are at the KOA right next to the highway, I had called about an hour before we got here to make sure they had a spot.  We cashed in our frequent stayer points, and got the site for a $1.

That was cool!

We are parked back to back with two 5th wheels that are from way up North in Ontario.  They wouldn’t tell me the town, but said it was 12 hours North of the boarder.  I did finally get one of the fellows to tell me that they drive up the North Shore of Lake Superior, and thru Thunder Bay.  Are there roads 12 hours North of Thunder Bay, or do they portage 5th wheels?

They have until the 25th to be back in Canada, as their 180 days are up since they entered the US on September 25th.  They said some of their friends fly back home for Christmas, and then get a new 180 days when they fly back to Texas.  They were staying in the RGV.

So tonight we are sitting here listening to the cars roar by and oh guess what there is a train going by, with a whistle too. Its close enough that I can hear the wheels on the track.  That is a nice touch.

But chill out Rod it only cost a dollar!

Retired Rod

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  1. Wow good deal you guys hope we can manage that some day to. Safe travels. Brenda


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