Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Solo at the lake.

I was up and packed to go check out the lake house early this morning.  Loyce had decided that she didn’t want to go since the weather was really not going to be too nice at the lake.

It was overcast and gray when I left and the truck was still dripping from its transmission area onto the otherwise dry driveway.  I wonder how much snow is packed into the tunnel?  Its just water in a frozen state, it has to come out.  I took the car to the lake.

I got here about 1:30 and found that for the most part, the place was just as I had left it.  Except for the piles and piles of leaves everywhere.  And the winter dirt that accumulates.  But nothing is broken and the pontoon appears to still be floating on its lift normally.

We have an automatic lift controller that senses when the lift tanks are low on air and adds to them.  So that is the little item that allows us to be gone for extended periods of time.  I haven’t gone down on the dock yet but everything looks OK from up here in the house.

And to my great relief, the Verizon Air Card has three bars of signal!  Yea!  Because that was the main reason to get it .  We have always poached internet here at the lake since we were not here for long periods of time.  But…….. now we  have a reliable, paid for, connection that will work out in the RV parks as well.

It was warmer this afternoon for a short while almost reaching 70 but the wind was blowing across the water at almost gale force.  The lake had white caps coming into our cove.  Not a nice time to sit outside, so I went to Wal Mart instead.  I didn’t bring any groceries, and the fridge was empty from taking everything back to KC last fall.

Tonight is cruising the internet with the air card, and listening to the wind blow in the dark.  All the docks are creaking and banging.  At least the house doesn’t rock back and forth like the RV.

Retired Rod

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