Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bills and a Storage Decision!

Our first day at home was spent digging thru the piles of mail. And the neglected bills. We thought we had this mostly under control, but as usual, we had missed some that we didn't anticipate.

So some quick computer payments were generated. I did deliver a check to the car insurance folks late in the day. Can't let that get behind, as we found out in February. If we get everyone happy, then it is on to the annual income tax preparation. Yuck!

We have decided that we are upgrading our storage lot for the Travel Trailer. Our old lot is a community lot were the chain on the lot is a combo lock, that everyone who has ever stored there knows how to get in. It is in a seedy part of the old town, gravel,poorly fenced and poorly lit.

There are hunreds of vehicles in this complex, and we have never lost anything, but we have had tire troubles in the last year. Seems that every vehicle that I drive into this place ends up with a nail or a screw in its tires. We've lost two of the trailer tires, and have patches in two of the truck tires. Both of our SUV's have patches in one of their tires, and all in the last year.

In one corner of this storage lot, they routinely dismantle cars for salvage, need I describe more? We're out of here. So this afternoon we went to a new storage lot over in Missouri.

This place is storage units with the garage doors, and the outside Trailer parking. It is iron fenced with digital access where everyone has their own entry code. Entry is recorded from the code entered, and photographed with the digital video cameras. The recordings are saved for 45 days. The lighting is bright, and their are cameras are in every corner.

This is expensive, at about twice the price, but I can't go on wrecking every tire on all the cars. They want proof of insurance, and vehicle registration to prove you own the item stored. And best of all they do not allow disassembly or junking out of cars.

At first I thought, man that costs too much, but after about an hour, I went back and put money down to hold a spot.

Storage is not a problem for fulltimers, as they never have a time when they are not using their rigs. The problems of leading a dual life. LoL

Retired Rod


  1. Hi Rod,
    I started reading your blog about a month ago, and have enjoyed hearing about your travels. We still have a stick home too, and also just made the decision to move our 5th wheel to a better storage facility. I feel much better about it, and also agree it's worth the extra money. Our old storage lot was in our neighborhood and also had old junk cars! BTW, do you continue your blog once you're back home? Take care.

  2. Charlie

    We will continue the blog. The excitement factor, may suffer some, but we go to Lake Ozark and out camping with the family. We will take you along!
    Thanks for being a loyal reader!


  3. you forgot to mention the train!

  4. Oh yah like son Ben points out, the BNSF main track goes right by the East fence. Folks walk up and down the track at all hours. The trains pass at a high rate of speed, and going over after dark is down right scary! Did I miss anything else?


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