Friday, March 27, 2009

Colds A Comin'

100 Percent chance of snow for Saturday. Low Saturday night 26 deg F. Da--, looks like we came back way too early again this year. We always get this 4th week cold snap in March. Its just like clockwork.

Tomorrow I will have to go buy some more pink stuff and pump it into the water lines, for about three days of freeze protection. That seems like a big waste of time, but broken water pipes are not a good alternative!

Now watch, I'll go do the winterize and the low will be 33. But can't take that chance.

Today was grandma's big sitting day with the grand kids. Well two of them anyway. They had McDonalds and everything. I sneaked out about the time to go to McDonalds, feigning the need of a haircut. I was lost for about two hours.

Returning home, found both girls still here, with the younger taking a nap. So this time I needed to go to the locker to get some meat. That's about 12 miles each way. After that trip, I came home and took a nap.

Boy it's hard to get good grandpas these days!

After they all went home, I have been reading a book and researching the internet.

Better get this posted as I will have to be over at Wal Mart early tomorrow before they sell all the remaining pink antifreeze.

Retired Rod

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