Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rob’s Car

Today Rob had the 32 Ford out of the trailer, and ready to go to a car show over in Scottsdale.  This is a completely fiberglass body.  The entire car is new vintage.


Where does the cool end on this machine?


He said that Dairyland was his grand dad’s Ice Cream store in the 40’s.


Oh yes, that says Corvette on the top of the engine.  A Chevy 350 V8, and it does have an automatic transmission.  I called it a fourspeed the other night, which it is but not a stick shift as I implied.



We sat out under the big awning on the side of the Big Big motorhome, and contemplated all the work he has done on this ride.  It is a labor of love. 

It has air conditioning, and heated and cooled seats.  It had power steering, but they took it off, as the car is so light, that it didn’t need it.  It did have rack and pinion steering, and everything is modern technology, including computerized fuel injection and coil block ignition.

I’m sorry that I do not know enough about the vehicle to be more descriptive, but having never built or worked on one of these, I barely knew what questions to ask.

We hung around here most of the day, but Loyce went looking for a Quilt showing mid afternoon.  She couldn’t find it. 

It was quite cool here today making it up to only 67 this afternoon, which by sundown, had me looking for my long pants.  This is the first time I have needed those in the last week.

We went back to old Chicago tonight, for another Calzone.  This is another do over since we went there on Valentine’s day.  But it was good again!

We are just biding our time to leave on Monday morning.

Retired Rod

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